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  1. Aluminum: Coal: Gold: Iron: akmoney Lead: Lumber: Marble: Oil: Rubber: Uranium: akmoney Water: Wheat: BR: Scholars Construction Steel Asphal Automobiles Microchips Beer Radiation Cleanup PLease note: Must have harbor please write this if u want to be part Nation name: Nation ruler: Harbor: (yes or no) REsources:
  2. Well let me make fast and quick I am sharing a router with my bro, he created an account(without telling me) on my computer(without telling me). Can we still play without getting banned. We wont trade or aid each other, but can we be in smae alliance
  3. Trade circle 3 I have sugar and pigs please ang thank you
  4. Resources Needed: Uranium Cattle: Coal: Fish: morey Fur: Gems: morey Gold: Pig: technoplois Silver: Spices: technoplois Sugar: Wine: BR: Fine jewelry beer Affluent population I need some people, when i get the complete list, i will tell you guys who is trading and to cancel all current trades Please keep all trades till the circle is complete, then i will send you a message telling you that the trade circle is ready. Max time will be 3 days to complete
  5. Man, i am just going to change to black color sorry guys GOOD LUCK
  6. They should give like 20mil aid to nations 5k and above, on the aniversery of Cybernations so it gives us a chance to grow THAT WOULD BE COOL
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