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  1. All GOONS war targets are Umbrella, please learn to read, we have declared war on the SCUM OF UMBRELLA
  2. Awww you are sooooo cute, puffing up like you can hang with the big boys. Please go back to your sandbox and play pretend like a good little boy.
  3. baby's first curse words, how cute! Sit down son, before you get hurt
  4. The GOON ORDER OF NEUTRAL SHOVING hereby declares its revival and as it's first act the GOON ORDER OF NEUTRAL SHOVING would like to give the utmost respect and thanks to the members of Umbrella, who have not only taken GOONS under their wing and helped us go from tiny man children to larger slightly more obese man children, letting us suckle on the tit that is Umbrella's sweet DONG. Over the years GOONS have taken DONG after DONG from Umbrella and with each DONG another GOONS spread open (their arms) and took that DONG into it, and we were happy and content. To properly thank Umbrella for this
  5. Thread title: It's going to be a long winter Whats cooking in your house NPO? Looks like it's time for GOONS to get ready for the long winter GOONS Declares war on NPO in defense of TOP, Signed, GOONS Mgmt
  6. just pretend I am yelling at someone on the other side, and go with it
  7. No you are, you are wanting to not have to deal with AA's that cant chain on you, but you are also wanting to be atliberty to attack anyone on the other wide without chaning into it with a treaty, you can have your cake and eat mine to. get with your friends and decide if an attack on one is an attack on all or not.
  8. This whole post stinks of WHAAA WHAAA we dont want to fight people we didnt strategicaly choose to fight. answer me, is it an attack on one an attack on all, or does that only apply when you want it to, someone from equilibrium explain it to me. you can just make a bubble of no rules around you and expect everyone else to follow the rules you ignore.
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