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The Gängstas Milestone

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Official Gängsta Announcement


We comin at you with old school style

So grab that phone and crank that dial

Tell your boys, yo man!

You gotz to hur them Gängsta rhymes

Check it out yo we just broke 9mil

10 here we come that aint no thrill

Rollin with 75k on our grill

Hell yea homie we a big deal

And now i step back and drop the mic

Y'all check it out whats up tonight

DJ Razz is gone make it spike

Ejay brotha make it tight

The Grämlin Rap - by DJ Razzy Razz

Thats whats up


P.S. Ejay made us do it.

EDIT: Click the damn link and listen to the song, its the only reason we posted this lol.

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