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Sarah and Sargun's History of the World

Sarah Tintagyl

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Hey guys a few of us were talking on IRC today and there's been a lot of talk of what actually happened in the world to create the world we know as CNRP. This thread is dedicated to you loyal CNRP members to come up with the history of your nation, after you present myself or Sargun what you have written as a history we will then combine all other histories and try extremely hard to create maybe a canon-CNRP history. Mind you this is just an experiment so don't get all bent out of shape if two histories don't agree, I want to talk to all of you about it and we'll decide the course of action together. But I and I believe Sargun would appreciate your help in the matter. So please, post your history or PM me or him and we'll begin to create a story to end all stories.

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No canon history.

Too much fighting will come.

At the same time I agree with Sumeragi, I think that it'd be nice to at least have some kind of summary on the events that took place in CNRP. I'd wager conflicts are inevitable, but on the least the efforts are being primarily led by two RP'ers known to be quite unbiased.

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Molakia was a seperatist movement started in the late 1990s-Early 2000 in the Russian Federation. The Molakians were a very Democratic part of the RF that was beat down so much that it barely registered on any ballots. It eventually turned violent, and under the Brilliant Leadership of Alexei Romanov, the movement was granted lands in the Aleutian Islands.

The history can be expanded upon if wanted. I understand Vaule may take issue. I created this not knowing the canon of CNRP.

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Settled in the 18th century by a mixture of british and germanic celts with other european colonists, the early years of New Zealand were highly conflicted, with the native Maori tribe being wiped out as German and English celtic settlers pushed out the French and Spanish settlers. Coming to a compromise then home countries of these colonies broke down. They formed their own nation, highly isolationist under a Ruler for life.

They also had a language shift, and a cultural one as well. They became distinct from their home countries, and by 1850 all that remained were their pale complexions and basic physiology. This nation was called Zealandia, and remained isolated and shut off from the rest of the world.

In 1925 Zealandia was fractured by contact with other pacific nations, leading to several wars, and the capture of the former states of Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu and New Caladonia.

This caused the leaders of these former countries to deem it "Imperialist". This was countered by large parts of Zealandia rising up in arms, leading to a public over throw of the government based in wellington.

This served as the base for the re-conquest, a mighty crusade from Wellington to reclaim all former territories. The crusade was launched under the name Imperial Wellington, and took back all the lands lost in the struggle and revolution. The new state was called Imperial Wellington, and it endeared a sense of pride in the populace, which lead to the formation of the forerunner of the IWI, the People's Pride Agency, which started regimes to make sure of happiness, slowly evolving into the world leader intelligence agency it is today. The government of this nation was almost the same as before, with one all powerful Ruler, however, the people now elected the candidate for the ministerial positions.

The country was founded on the principals of Imperial Right and Imperial Possession. Land deemed to be within Imperial Right became Imperial Possession. It was forbidden on the pain of death for non citizens to pass Imperial Right.

Well, that was the history of IW, so yeah, you know the rest

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The Royal Republic of Displaced Calvinists lays claim to all of the old colonial territories of French West Africa and French Equatorial Africa, plus the Volta Region of Ghana, and any place where the Central African Franc is (or has been) used as a valid form of currency.

Our original plantation settlement is in what used to be German Togoland. The territory had been seized by combined French and British forces during World War I. The area between the east bank of the Volta River and the Togo border (the Volta Region of Ghana, or the old British Togoland -- aka "Trans-Volta Togo") is our founding colony's original site. The French and British governments granted the Volta Region to displaced French Huguenots and Scottish Covenanters after World War I as a religious haven for persecuted Calvinists. Our first plantation was New Batavia Colony, which is now our capital city. By 1956, we had been granted governance of French West Africa, followed by French Equatorial Africa in 1960. We operated as an autonomous Overseas Territory until we gained full independence from France in 2005.

^--- (Displaced Calvinist history) ---^

In 2008, the Nigerian farming community of Sarnunga gained autonomy through massive growth and organization. Through a series of civil struggles, they finally attained independence and started spreading their influence through the borders of the Displaced Calvinists. A mixed minority-germanic celt state, the Sarnungan Republic was a thumb sticking out in Africa, especially under the dominant-French Displaced Calvinists.

However, after quick talks within the leadership, the Royal Republic ceded their territory to the Sarnungan Republic. A new age was born.

(my history)

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Slavorussia is the natural successor to the Grand Duchy of Moscow. After the Slavic Republic of Russia was conquered by the Grand Duchy it became the Tsardom of Slavorussia. Slavorussia had a small overseas empire in East Africa and the Middle East.

civil war in the 1820's Slavorussia lost the Baltic States, overseas empire crumbles

The Bolshevik Revolution of the early 20th century failed Lenin was executed, but not before he ordered the execution of the tsar and his family. The monarchy was reestablished until the 1930's when Stalin lead the Neo Bolsheviks and created the Slavorussian Soviet Union.

Upon Stalin's death in 1953 a fascist government took over. the Fascist government ruled into the 70's when the monarchy was reestablished.

how’s that?

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Neo Olympia & Novus Niciae Official History:

Novus Niciae was founded as a social experiment by scientists lead by Dr Charles

Johns. The goal of this experiment was to create a knowledge based society where

the talented would rule justly for the benefit of all. Over the course of Nician

history Prime minister Johns distinguished himself repeatedly by leading the

nation in times of peace an prosperity and through times of war. It was during

these times of unrest that our current leader Vasili Markov, then a field

commander in the Nician Imperial Legion served the old empire and won many battle

honours and triumphs.

But just as Novus Niciae reached the peak of its glory, tragedy struck. Prime

Minister Johns Died from an unknown cause and without his leadership the great

experiment ended. The citizens of the empire lost and without a strong leader

scattered to the four corners of the globe and settled amongst the many nations

of Bob. And the light of Niciae was thought to be lost forever.

Vasili Markov, once a hero of the Nician Legion and now the CEO of his family

business Markov Electronics felt that the light of the old empire could be

reclaimed and slowly he gathered support for this idea amongst the expatriate

Nicians of the world and it was decided that a new chapter of the saga would


Using his own money Vasili Markov Purchased the site of old nicae city from New

Cymru financed a private expedition to the site of Niciae City to see what could

be reclaimed. The expedition was a success beyond the wildest dreams of all

involved, Not only was Niciae City reclaimable Most of the structures were largely

intact and some of the vaults contained artefacts from the old empire carefully

hidden away against such an occasion.

So the proclamation went forth, All former Nicean citizens were informed of the

discoveries of the expedition and the nation of Neo Olympia was founded

as the rightful successor state to Novus Niciae and to continue to shine the

light of knowledge into the world as was done before.

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Distopya started as an idealist movement, not unlike communism in its spread, during the early 1980s. Distopyans took control of Georgia and expanded it across the Caucasus. Distopya then, when it was taken out, had another revolution take place in the baltic, and that was crushed. Then, a revolution in Ottawa/Manitoba. Then finally, a Distopyan named Erik Betrakte created Norsvea.

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Arctica was started as a colony/research base/place to hang out by some unnamed government in Europe, specifically around Yugoslavia, maybe Kanteero or one of its predecessors.

Eventually it declared sovereignty and formed into a republic. With the election of a new president (Vedran) on January 2, 2007 preparations were starting to be made for a mass migration to Madagascar. This plan was realized in winter/spring of 2008 when most of the people boarded a big fleet and just...shipped off. They deposed the existing (NPC) government and began to expand their influence across the island, at which point the democracy was formed into more of a monarchy with democratic elements. The president became the monarch.

And I guess that's it. I've never really thought about it much, since CNRP has only begun to form into a more organized, regulated thing recently, I used to keep the history vague because I really can't explain how they moved so much stuff across the planet.

Another thing, one that I'll have to discuss with Lynneth, is my islands up north, where my old capital was. I've been assuming there was an off-limits sort of exclave there with a sizable civilian and military presence, mines surrounding the islands and heavy anti-air defenses placed around it with cargo subs going to and from regularly. But now that it's surrounded by Lynneth's nation I don't know exactly how that would work. I was going to have my nuclear program take place there, once I get a Manhattan Project.

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The reason I say no is that unlike CNRP-R, which is pretty much an alternate history of our world, CNRP is just a chaotic place seperate from our universe.

Give it time...you'll find it come to that there as well.

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I'll just use this handy Agean history, because ADI and Espiral de Morte never had history, they were formed due to events in CNRP

The Agean Refugee Camp began as the brainchild of Nikolai Horvat, a salesman from Croatia. Horvat's idea was to create a refugee camp for all of the Slavic peoples pushed from their homes as a result of war. He spent much time finding a place to found this camp, and in 1985 he was able to lease land on the coast of the Aegean Sea. After six months of frantic building and advertising the camp opened. Within two years the camp filled up and expanded to nearly seven acres, sadly for Horvat, the camp drew a lot of bad press from warlords, and as threats began to be made to the Greek government, Horvat was forced to move the camp. After a year of traveling with the nearly 1000 residents of the Aegean Refugee camp, Horvat was able to rebuild, on the coast of the Black sea.

It was 1992 when one of the camp' most important residents began to move towards the camp. Aureolus Fermi, an Italian-Austrian engineer and politician. While on the bomb strewn roadways, Fermi met up with the man who would later become his best friend, Grigory Mochevsky, a rather old man who, due to massive stress and injury, had forgotten his life up to that moment. It was also on this path that he met up with the third founding father of the country, David Kabakov, an accountant who had spent the last week killing soldiers to protect his town.

After two weeks on the road with the moving camp, Fermi himself pitched the idea to rename it from Aegean to Agean; it had to be renamed after Greece told them that they could no longer associate with their land. While with the camp, Fermi, Mochevsky and Kabakov earned respect by building shelters for new camp members, and their active role in the newly formed government. After the death of Horvat's brother, Erwin, the camp was forced into war for weeks, caught up in a war between several nations, including the one they had taken refuge in. Fermi, being intelligent as he was, had stored food, weapons, and supplies in the old abandoned church in the center of town, where he, his freinds and 200 citizens ran to hide. The city fell in two days, but the 203 people in the church held them off. For two months 203 citizens lived in the cramped church killing all enemies that came near, until January fifteenth, when Byzantine soldiers came into town and told Fermi that the enemy had been eliminated, and due to the destruction the ruling body of the Agean Refugee camp was put in power of the land until their government could re-convene.

After the war subsided, the positions of power officially shifted to Fermi, Mochevsky and Kabakov, who had helped the camp through its painful journey. Fermi offered the idea of running the camp like a democratic republic, but the people, after trusting Fermi for so long, disliked the idea of him fading out, they wanted him to stay with them forever as head of state, and after long arguments, he caved in, and took the position.

That's the Agean history. I have some stuff based on a more personal to the characters level, but this covers the good old country nicely.

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In stead of complaining you could also just avoid spamming the topic and letting others write.

---Imperial Union---

Following the South American War a Protectorate was established in the center of South America spreading over much of the continent. Immediately after the establishment it was clear it would fall the area shattered into dozens of regions mostly rules by Mobs causing several Wars for the strongest one. A promising party calling themselves the Monarchists came in existance using words rather than weapons leaded by the now former Empress Adalina Flores gathering enough support to take the last 2 smaller ones by now by force establishing Nova Imperium a stable Empire. After several wars and policy changes the Monarchists lost support and a covert organisation known as the Organisation of the Zodiac or OZ took over the Government and establishing a Pacifist State setting the basis for the curren system. After the recent Nuclear War the Viceroy and brother of the Queen was removed from position and Relena became the full Sovereign.

If needed for Kanteero/The Phoenix Empire:

Founded in the remains of the former Yugoslavia a strong person became known to the world this man called Joseph Grozi Centuria succeeded in gathering the support of Croatia this sign of stability caused several rebel movements in neighboring nations alligning themselves with the Independent Republic of Croatia forming Kanteero an Absolute Monarchy. Seeing the Anarchy in Serbia and Romania Kanteero created an Army strong enough to take all 3 over and annexing them in the Empire. After a while it became known Austria and Slovenia were taken by Deutschland not willing to give up these lands a war was quickly declared one that was doomed from the start. After weeks of fighting the Army was crushed and the surrender had to be signed leaving at least some land of Slovenia to Kanteero. After this a time of peace arose being a founder of the EUII and one of the first members of the UES. However after years of prosperity and peace a rebel movement consisting of members high in MILCOM staged a coup in which the Emperor got missing and no true heir that wasn't involved could be found. As a miracle a daughter was found that wasn't on Official Records. Assuming the position that was rightfully hers she fought and repelled the rebel movement putting all involved in a huge prison only known as 'The Colony'. This also led to a renaming from Kanteero to the Phoenix Empire, when her daughter Jewel was made Empress she immediately became it of Dell Land too due to her marriage with Josh the Great. Following his presumed death Dell Land was integrated into the now perhaps largest Empire of the World spreading over 2 Colonies. While stable for months others on the American Continent didn't like it and declared war on The Phoenix Empire for protecting it's territory against Anarchy coming out defeated in Asia but victorious in America it still lost all territory except on Europe and AFrica due to Dell Land becoming independent again. Not much later it merged into Nova Roma.

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Andonia was a coalition of city-states that eventually built an empire, which then collapsed and scattered to become sea-gypsies. They lived in this way for centuries, then the major clans formed a loose alliance and created Andonia. Then they assisted The Hansa in rebuilding the country after the nuclear crisis. Icewolf agents drugged the Oberjarl and convinced him to attempt to create an Anti-Byzantium alliance. The SU brought them to trial, then kicked Andonia out of the SU before the evidence was completely presented. Andonia then began a pirate campaign against those who had decided to make a hasty move. The Hansa then convinced the Oberjarl to submit to their terms. While the fleet was in Helsinki Harbour, the Dutch launched an unprovoked genocidal attack on the fleet, which resulted in the death of the first Oberjarl. The survivors were taken in by the Imperium of America and given a generous portion of land. The glorious city of New Andon was built there and for a while it seemed peace would reign. But it was not to be, for the Dutch followed us across the ocean and attacked us once again. Most of the population was destroyed, including the second Oberjarl. Five hundred women and children escaped the fall of New Andon in a fleet of merchant vessels. The surviving men, mostly SICM agents flocked to this beacon of hope. They decided to convert the cargo vessels to a submersible city that would sustain them for at least a century. They began a new age as the Andonain Remnant, with the election of thirteen year old Cardith Lorda.

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The origins of the Imperium of America begin in the mysterious ancient times of dying; an era of terror and destruction unlike any seen in the present day. From the wreckage of the devastating fires emerged countless families. Over a period of years, these coalesced into a dozen major clans, related and believing deeply in the maxim "Blood is thicker than Water."

Afterwards, time passed. Clans waxed and waned in power during conflicts. Nothing matched the ferocity of the original die-out. At that point, one clan managed to gain dominance and forced the others to assimilate one-by-one. The first-ranked clan created a Monarchy to rule the land with a tight control.

As civilization gradually grew to approach its' old standards, more and more rights were given to the individual person. Eventually, the right to vote was granted as an experiment. Thus the Republic of Daorim was born. At this point relations with the rest of the world were finally opened up and the Republic took its' place on the world-stage.

Corruption and Evil ran amok in the Republic's Senate. Corporations would vie for dominance by seeing who could bribe the most Senators. President Holihan, elected from the original tribe who tied the nation together originally, gained emergency powers legally through a bill passed in both houses.

He promptly used the power to dissolve the Senate, charge each member with High-Treason, and execute them on the spot. With a ruthlessness not seen since the act, Holihan eliminated the Republic and formed the first Imperium seen in the world, taking up the Mantle of Imperator.

Thus began the era in which the Imperium of America finds itself today.

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