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Announcement from Nemesis


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Nemesis and Rapture Non-Aggression Pact


In the interest of promoting friendship and growth, Nemesis and Rapture sign the following agreement:

Article I: Sovereignty

Both Nemesis and Rapture will respect each others sovereignty. When dealing with issues between each other, they will be dealt in a professional manner.

Article II: Non-Aggression

The members of Nemesis and Rapture shall not attack or raid each other at any time, engage in any type of espionage against each other, or aid enemies of either alliances. If a member of either alliances attacks the other, reparations and an explanation to why the attack happened, will be expected.

Article III: Economics

To promote growth in between Nemesis and Rapture, Rapture will sell technology to Nemesis as often as they can. Nemesis will buy technology from Rapture as often as they can. Mistakes can happen during tech deals, and if one does, it will be resolved in a professional manner.

Article IV: Cancellation

If for some reason Nemesis or Rapture wishes to cancel this treaty, they are to let the other alliance know at least 72 hours in advanced before the treaty is officially null and void.

For Nemesis:

Bob, Triumvir

Soccerbum, Triumvir

Van Hoo III, Triumvir

Meyer0095, Minister of Economic Affairs

SpiderJ, Minister of Defense

Sir Michael Harland, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Mykep, Minister of Internal Affairs

For Rapture:

KingKaimen, Chancellor

cossar, Triumvir

Demolantis, Triumvir

Varmet7, Triumvir

Short, simple, quick, and to the point. Just like Hoo ;)

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Seeing two alliances agree not to kill each other, and even trade some tech while they are not killing each other, is always good to see. Congrats! :P

Not sure what this means, though:

This should be fun and interesting.


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