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Cybernations Role Play (Realism)

Mission Statement: Cybernations Role Play (Realism) is a non-official CN RP. It is intended to be designed for those who wish to role play based on real world technology rather than stuff that is fantasy or sci fi in nature. One is expected to provide more detail in their units, have realistic procurement plans, etc, when utilizing military technology. CN RP® additionally is play by stats.

There are several rules in CN RP®

1) Listen to the designated GM, GMs are not to rule on battles which their nation has a vested interest in winning or losing (this includes close allies)

I am currently looking for GMs preferably with knowledge in military science. My personality is one more suited for debate, rather than fair mindedness, so I would like to avoid the role myself.

2) Weapons are based on statistical capability (with the exception of CMs as a single destroyer hold more CMs than you can own in game). The break down is the following:

1 Aircraft maintained= 1 Squadron (helicopters, recon, EWAC and air lifters don't count but must be kept within reason)

1 Potential soldier in game = 10 soldiers in RP

1 Tank capable= 1 tank/ self propelled artillery in game

1 Ship= 1 Ship in game (class equivalence)

1 Nuke= 1 ICBM Silo (4 rockets, can be MIRV capable) =or= 1 bomber squadron worth of nukes =or= one submarine worth of nukes

Weapons not allowed:


Super Soldiers (you can have well equipped soldiers but you can't have them immune from bullets)

Any sort of unstoppable weapons

Super sensor grids (things that make you able to see the battle space far more than modern armies can realistically do so)

Strategic Weapons (If you want something other than a nuke PM a GM for permission to use it.

3) Transparency Each player is required to make a fact book outlying the weapons they have which do not exist IRL, their territories names if different than IRL, the fact book must be clearly marked and easy for other players to find.

4) Play by your stats.

30 log (1.5*Tech) +1900

1: 1905

10: 1935

100: 1965

250: 1977

500: 1986

750: 1991

1000: 1995

1500: 2000

2000: 2004

2500: 2007

3000: 2009

3500: 2011

4000: 2013

4500: 2014

5000: 2016

6000: 2018

All weapons that do not exist in prototype phase minimum IRL must be clearly posted in the factbook so that other players have a chance to comment.


0-500 Infra Chronically Underdeveloped economy (i.e. DRC)

500-1000 Infra Severely Underdeveloped economy (i.e. Nepal)

1000-2000 Infra Underdeveloped economy (i.e. Syria)

2000-4000 Infra Developing economy (i.e. Vietnam)

4000-6000 Infra Burdgeoning economy (i.e. Asian Tigers)

6000-8000 Infra Vibrant economy (i.e. UK)

8000-10000 Infra Economic Powerhouse (i.e. Japan)

10000+ Infra Industrial Super Power (i.e. US)


You must claim land that you have the SoI to keep. However, if you are a large nation without the infra to support it it is assumed that your nation is underdeveloped compared to others of equivalent infra.

5. Civil Wars

Civil Wars can occur between two players (one who wants the land, and one who has it) when either the player who wants gets the player who has it to agree, or the player who wants it, is sponsored by a foreign power who has the resources to insert the insurgency (generally a unguarded border or good spy odds, the insurgency player cannot be stronger than the sponsoring foreign power, and should be somewhat less, a GM can step in to see what is reasonable.

6. Politics

Nobody is loved by everyone in a country, nor are politicians always honest caring people. Don't expect either to be the case.

7. Its a game

Its a game, namely a military and political sim, don't get too uptight.

8. Amending rules

This basic set of rules can be amended by a vote, the person making must make a topic and give the other players 48 hours to vote on amendments. Amendments must pass with 2/3 approval or majority vote plus unanimous consent by GMs.

Optional GDP Formula:

Base: (Avg. Gross Income Per Individual Per Day) x Citizens x 36500 x Infra Multiplier

Infra Multiplier Formula

Base: (Avg. Gross Income Per Individual Per Day) x Citizens x 36500 x Infra Multiplier

Infra Multiplier Formula

0-500 Infra Chronically Underdeveloped economy: 0.8

500-1000 Infra Severely Underdeveloped economy: 0.8

1000-2000 Infra Underdeveloped economy: 1

2000-4000 Infra Developing economy: 1.2

4000-6000 Infra Burdgeoning economy: 1.4

6000-8000 Infra Vibrant economy: 1.6

8000-10000 Infra Economic Powerhouse: 1.8

10000+ Infra Industrial Super Power: 2

Alliances and Treaties must be RPed out between the signatories

Please sign up, if we could have someone make maps I would be very appreciative.

[b]Nation Name[/b]:
[b]Nation Capital[/b]:
[b]Government Type[/b]:
[b]Areas wanted[/b]:
[b]Ethnicities[/b]: (does not have to be equal to the ones in the area IRL)
[b]Link to nation[/b]:

My example:


Nation Name: United States of China

Nation Capital: Hong Kong

Government Type: Autocratic Republic

Areas wanted: Sichuan, Anhui, Hubei, Jiangsu, Yunnan, Guizhou, Hunan, Guangxi, Guangdong, Jiangxi, Fujian, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Henan, North Vietnam

Ethnicities: Chinese

Link to nation: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=166932

Current Map:



The United States of China

The Greater German Reich

The Kingdom of France

The Commonwealth of White Russia

Great Britain



Neo Ming Empire

Gran Colombia Nuevo

The United Republic of Ardoria

North American Anarchist Confederacy

The Confederate States of America

The North Pacific Federation

The Phoenix Empire

The Imperium


The Commonwealth of Rebel Virginia

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics


The Imperial Republic

Freeland of Liberia

Important Contact Information

CN RP Rs Channel: #cnrpr

CN RP Rs Founder: Triyun

CN RP Rs Chief Technology Auditor/GM: Malatose

CN RP Rs GMs: Hawk_11, JEDCJT, V the King

CN RP Rs Map Makers: Nikonov, Mergerberger

Edited by Triyun
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I agree

CNRP is being cluttered with all these random other RPs

This one isn't random, its an alternative for people who wish to move towards a more sim oriented RP with more structures and limits.

Status of mergers in this RP setting?

Case by case, they shouldn't happen for no reason other than political gain. (i.e. if Germany and Austria merged for good reason that'd be one thing, but Phillipines and Madgascar should not be)

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Wow, now that's some logic I can approve of. As a side note, anyone reading the actual documentation on CNRP(S) would also note it is far from random.. in fact.. some have said it's waayyy to structured. But that's only in response to Mudd. It does serve a purpose. We do need sub-forums for organization.. that point I can entirely agree on, but I'm not going to dismiss anyone's particular RP style or preference as being of quality or not.

Edited by Maelstrom Vortex
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Nation Name: Dragonisia

Nation Capital: Hobart (Renamed the city of Dragonisia)

Government Type: Francoist Meritocracy

Areas wanted: Tasmania, Pacific Islands of Vanuatu

Ethnicities: (does not have to be equal to the ones in the area IRL): 100% Dragonisian (Descended from Pacific Pirates)

Link to nation: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=237759

Basically, I just want to use my Dragonisia Fact Book from Standard CNRP for CNRP-R as I tend to keep it to a tight RL standard anyhow. Let me know if this is acceptable.

Edited by Maelstrom Vortex
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Nation Name: Greater German Reich

Nation Capital: Berlin

Government Type: De jure Constitutional monarchy, de facto one-party Dictatorship

Areas wanted: WWII Germany (1939, after the invasion of Poland)

Ethnicities: German, Austrian

Link to nation: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=122235

EDIT: I changed my mind. I would prefer the 1939 borders than the 1938 one. :P

Edited by JEDCJT
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Nation Name:Marquisate of Slovenia

Nation Capital:Ljubljana

Government Type:Absolute Monarchy

Areas wanted:Modern Slovenia/Croatia/Italy stretching from Venice to Slovene Border

Ethnicities: Slovene 50% Croation 20% Serb 10% Italian 10% Other 10%

Link to nation:http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=230548

Edited by Marquis Chris 1
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I guess I'll give this a try. Though I do believe too many canons are popping up.


Nation Name: Rebel Virginia

Nation Capital: Washington, D.C.

Government Type: Republic

Areas wanted: Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Delaware

Ethnicities: Caucasian (English, German, Scotch-Irish), African-American

Link to nation: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=273692

Edited by Rebel Virginia
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I would agree with this, but the numbers are horribly done


Nation Name: Kingdom of France

Nation Capital: Paris

Government Type: Monarchy

Areas wanted: France, Low Countries, Coursica, Sardinia

Ethnicities: French, Portuguese, German, Netherlandic (>.<), Spanish

Link to nation: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=128530


Somethings have been clarified. This is an entirely different universe

Edited by Lord Frost
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Nation Name: Omniscient Empire of Japan

Nation Capital: Tokyo

Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy

Areas wanted: Pre WWII Japan (ie 1936)

Ethnicities: Japanese, mixed

Link to nation: 4657

I would agree with this, but the numbers are horribly done (I.E I refuse to backtrack my nations development)


Nation Name: Neo Japan

Nation Capital: Tokyo

Government Type: Democratic Monarchy

Areas wanted: Japan, Sahklin Oblast, Eastern Manchuria (see CNRP map for specifics), Ryukyu Islands, Northern Marianas

Ethnicities: Japanese, small chinese/russian populations

Link to nation: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=128530

Note: Im considering this RP as nothing more then regular CNRP, just being re-clarified

My, my, overlapping claims. :P

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My, my, overlapping claims. :P

Good, I'll just step back and watch the show.....


Nation Name: Kyokujitsu Teikoku

Nation Capital: Shokyo (RL Mudanjiang)

Government Type: Absolute Monarchy

Areas wanted: Greater Manchuria (All the colored area)


If Shan would allow it, North Korea.

Ethnicities: Fuyojin (What could have been if Balhae had survived to the modern era)

Link to nation: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=236059

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What? The tech chart makes no sense.

For Example: F-22. In RL developed in 1990s. IG we can get that at 500 tech. So we can have F-22's in 1963-tech? :wacko:

No you cannot have the F-22 then. There was a time when F-22s could be gotten in this game at 100 tech. Admin changed it based on the inflation of NS. Due to the relative peace and superior tech dealing mechanisms even 500 tech is not a lot now.

One is expected to provide more detail in their units, have realistic procurement plans, etc, when utilizing military technology. CN RP® additionally is play by stats.

While it is true the F-22 was chronically delay, it only began testing in 1997. If you have 1990s tech you can't just mass produce the F-22 in the 1990s, you can have a few in 1997. Really though I'm not going to be super strict about it, you should try to mimic the real world, and not have F-22 level tech as soon as you can afford it. Remember the US is having trouble getting funds for 183 of them F-22s. Again this isn't something I plan on being super strict about, but you can see where I'm coming from.

Edited by Triyun
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What tech-to-year scale/formula are you using? People with 100 tech can only get WWII-era stuff?


Nation Name: United Republic of Ardoria (Ardoria for short)

Nation Capital: New York City

Government Type: Republic

Areas wanted: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania.

Ethnicities: Caucasians, African-Americans

Link to nation: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=268175

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Nation Name: Great Britain

Nation Capital: London

Government Type: Parliamentary Monarchy

Areas wanted: Great Britain, that is, all of the British Isles, Ireland, scotland, england, wales, etc. and Iceland. And the various remaining british islands round the world. Falklands, etc.

Ethnicities: British, mostly

Link to nation: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=146667

Edited by Mergerberger II
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Maybe I should clarify this, this is what you can produce of your own tech. Everyone can use Ak-47s, but you can't develop anything super advanced. What I am thinking in terms of lower end of the tech scale, is what you have in like Rwanda, the Congo, and Nepal. There are some muskets and machetes, they also have a few AK-47s of not particularly high quality.

Tech refers more to, tanks, air craft, radar, etc. Obviously weapons like Ak-47s are all too common in the under developed world today.

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