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  1. Hmm well cool this thing I made 10 years ago is still going. What's up with the holes in the flag though? edit: I restored my nation temporarily for this post. nostalgic.
  2. Yeah, I can remember being perhaps unnecessarily condescending a few times with new fok, my bad. And yes this is getting a bit off topic. Should probably set up some kind of history QA thread or something but :effort:
  3. I remember it was more because you guys were kinda new and causing a lot of problems with rogues and stuff and generally not sticking to conventions, or weren't really interested in some multilateral agreement. We basically didn't trust you to behave responsibly with it at the time. So yeah we were kind of threatened about it. Eventually we did start a rotation plan (although I think that was just TOP and ourselves) once things settled down and we were all allies anyway. Orange definitely had some dark days though.
  4. The map looks barely any different than when I left. Except maybe emptier.
  5. Back then all of the 6(?) or so spheres had a major alliance and they each had treaties recognising each other as the sole legitimate alliance of there sphere and owners of it. They were all picky about it but basically we were the first alliance to come along after all the spheres had been taken, suddenly appearing from no where, bigger than half of them already. (about 60 members I think it was?). We were also really nuke heavy and raced NPO to the first alliance to 100 nukes, we lost but barely. Also sanctions didn't exist back then. There were three ranks of elected colour officials "Co
  6. Oh yeah, ODN ended up just being chill and sharing though so no smashy smashy for them. edit: although I wonder if that might partly have been because they were in the process of paying their punishing reps of $500,000. Probably not, Pope Hope always seemed pretty chill.
  7. Nah, that was before we went public, but good memory! We found out about the moldavi doctrine and decided to invade purple or orange since both alliances that owned the colours at the time looked pretty inept/weak. We chose orange in the end because ODN had just gotten smashed by NPO in the citrus war and why make it harder than it already was. Somewhere along the line we decided we should probably let in dirty outsiders, and then give it a proper name and charter and stuff, which did guarantee the alliance wouldn't just fade into non-existence in 6 months when everyone got bored and quit but
  8. It didn't start out as bad posters. It just happened sometime when I wasn't looking, and then it was too late. I don't think I've seen that sig since 2006. Nostalgia. But yes, you're a bad everything. EDIT: For what it's worth IRON,I do hope you succeed. Whether I agree with the course or not. So Goodluck. Sorta.
  9. Yeah we had a NAP of which this treaty is a rewrite of. We signed it like a week before GW1 and we served notice that we may have to cancel it (but weren't doing so at that time). We were politically active back then but mostly we had only just started the "sign NAPs with everyone" pseudo neutrality "independence" policy. Yessss.... "good". Heed not my posts, for I am nobody of interest. Mostly an historic document.
  10. I got really excited for a second when I saw the title thinking maybe Doitzel had returned to us. Alas.
  11. It was somewhat of a two way street on that one, it wasn't the intended outcome by any means but things change and we perhaps should have accepted that more than we did at the time. I'm pretty sure there's a saying about a road and good intentions that might be appropriate?
  12. Hey, I'm still around... Sorta. Confriming this to the IRON members, IRON has indeed stabbed several good allies in the back (and some not so good ones), either through knee jerk reaction (NPO-Karma), Cowardice (NoV, ONOS, original VE... sorta), or unintentionally/incompetence (Polaris... well sorta not really it's complicated..., TOP - well that was was more intentional but we wanted them beside us not against. ) and probably a handful of others. Possibly ODN depending on how broad you want to get. Most alliances that have done anything of worth in this game have a similar list th
  13. The biggest problem with your idea etc is not so much the cost as others have suggested (although it is an important and legitimate issue) but rather that alliances already mostly have the ability to handle this themselves and don't have much need for merceneries. It's kind of their primary purpose of existence and it gives your own members experience and things to do and there's probably not a whole lot of incentive to protect a random mercenary group.
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