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=WE= did something impressive

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Hello everyone out there!

Today I get to say something pretty awesome



Its been a long long year but hey we made it.

In the year =WE=ve had multiple protectors, mergers, absolved alliances, and rapid growth of new members. =WE=ve hit 100 members and 1 mill NS and continued to grow.

=WE=ve grown internally and made awesome friends externally.

=WE=d like to thank some of our friends who have helped us along the way. Most notably our long time allies and friends in NV and in Sparta. The two of them have helped us along the way and been great friends throughout the year. Yes we have other friends that we’ve known for a long long time but these two have always been around when =WE= needed something, =WE= will remember it.

=WE= also have made huge strides internally to grow and build up a solid base. Our new systems have only increased our activity and all around productiveness of the alliance. With even more systems getting implemented the Empire will only continue to grow and prosper.

As for where =WE= stands now the alliance is in good shape. We’ve had a few IOs retire and have been able to replace them with competent members who have been home grown and are very capable of keeping the Empire running smoothly. Shinpah still lost the game but even that won’t slow us down.

Weve got a party going on in our IRC room, #WE on coldfront, so anyone who wants to hop on over and mess around for a while feel free to do so. Just make sure to bring beer and pie(cake works to)

No Gov sigs on this one.


Why should =WE=?

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(4:12:09 PM) Shinpah[WE]: do I get a shoutout?

(4:12:15 PM) Shinpah[WE]: :3

(4:12:17 PM) Master-Debater[WE]{!@#$}: ya ill add something about shin to lol

MD <_<

EDIT: Nevermind, I found it....and I lost something too <_<

Being in =WE= has been an awesome experience, from our late-night, skype-coordinated spam sessions of #cnsparta (oh hi Spartans ^_^), to watching the small nations that we've taught grow up. Also the fact that no one can manage our forums is always hilarious....

Here's to one or two more years of =WE= before Master-Debater gets us all killed :P

Edited by Shinpah
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