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  1. Shinpah


    I would if I were you, go ahead and get a slightly more power video card, unless you're looking to run Tropico 3 on all low settings with a very low resolution EDIT: and in terms of upgrades, increasing the RAM you've got probably won't do anything unless you're using RAM intensive software which a $300 PC won't run well anyway
  2. It would appear, unless Lord Fingolin hopped alliances since then, that he is not in fact a member of one of the attacking alliances EDIT: Fixing my font sizes
  3. I am curious who specifically said that it's hard as hell to get up to 20k
  4. I would consider the Tea Party movement to be far more xenophobic than racist
  5. I'd go so far to say that it's actually an MADP that says after being in the bloc for 4 months you have to merge together
  6. You haz lesser post thems iself.


  7. Shinpah

    C&G Conundrum

    There are several ways to address this "problem". The first is to mention that C&G is an alliance bloc that contains a varied and nuanced membership. The second is to highlight the fact that these two statements aren't contradictory, although would be somewhat irrational if we accept that those who think war is fun would never want there to be war again. The 3rd is to mention that war for C&G is probably more fun if it occurs on C&G's terms, and that constant war obviously will become unfun at some time for some or most of the membership.
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