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Carpe Diem Announcement


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Hello planet bob. Just stopping bye to share with you all the results of our elections. Here goes!

First, the newly elected:

Director of Finance (DoF)


Director of Internal Affairs (DoIA)


Director of Foreign Affairs (DoFA)


Congrats to all of them, and we look forward to having them serve our alliance to their fullest!

And then for the returns:

Director of Defense (DoD)

Bionic Redhead

Director of Trade (DoT)


Director of Education (DoE)


Congrats to them as well, and we're happy to have you all back.

Finally, just because quite a few people seem to know him; our former Director of Foreign Affairs, Cairna, decided to retire from his post. He's keeping out of CN politics for good he says, and we don't know if he will be back (apparently he's busy playing a better game called RL, but I don't believe him). In any case, we thank him for his work, and will miss him like I miss that bunion I used to have on my foot.

Thanks for reading everyone :lol:

[20:24] <&Cairna> I'm at least a mole

Fair enough good sir, it's your retirement wish after all. Please note that Cairna is now the mole I used to have on my foot.

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And a considerable amount of them too, heh.

hey good to see democracy is working in CD... and congrats to everyone who got elected!

and i hope to talk to Mayuri sometime and get to know you better :blush:

and dont be afraid to stop at FINAL's irc sometime-it gets lonely... <_<

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