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  1. Bring out more history. I'm getting enough nostalgia to almost make me feel my legs. Or what might be my legs. I don't know. Haven't moved in a while.
  2. In the year 2017 if I spent this long writing a post on the OWF I would probably want to kill myself more than I do on an average day. bless
  3. I'm so happy my alliance is throwing itself on the train tracks.
  4. That Finnish sociopath is going to nuke me. You're welcome to do so.
  5. Gang gang gang gang gang. -Signed, his lordship Cairna, Prophet
  6. Throwback to the days when Polar eagerly let the wolves destroy their smaller allies while still trying to avoid the BLEU curbstomp.
  7. It's good to know we don't even need to do anything to feed the haters up in here. Keep it coming, homeboys
  8. My man-crush on stewie grows further each day I like your sig
  9. You should have that disclaimer for most of them
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