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The World's Military Database


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The Military Database Thread

Some basic rules:

-It's your choice if your post is IC or OOC, just please label it either IC or OOC.

-Please, no post's that are only OOC & do not show indication of being edited in the future. Like "Placeholder".

-Secret weapons should be labeled secret.

This thread is completly donated to showcase the military forces of all Planet Bob nations. Please at least reserve a spot, so it will stay pinned & its usefulness in war can be fully seen.

Some things to know when you start to RP armies here: Gundam is not reconized by people on this forum, or at least by most/the major players. Secondly, if you have combat armor, its going to be highly costly due to the amount of metal, electronics, gyros, etc. So your entire army will probebly not have armor, for even 100 men would be near-to-over a billion. Thus some people RP their leaders & elite units having the armor.

List of Military Databases Anything not underlined is on this page. "( )" is for IG naton name.


Imperium of America


Ile de Noir

Hanseatic League


Technocracy of Rockport

New Triyunica

Azerbaijani Republic

Pravus Ingruo






Imperial Franzharia


Feet of God

Ile de Noir [2]


ISAF Joint Military (F.A.R. of Tazmania)

Promised Land


Cainian Empire

Marscurian Empire

Sarnungian Republic




Neo Olympia



Eastern Union



New Shillan Empire


Imagawa (2, still using old one?)

The Northern Empire


Empire of Timor


Holy Pantallerian Empire


Prince Edward Island

If I made a country spelling mistake, then please PM me. Any Army/Database that can be replaced/condensed into one post then please tell me via PM.


GTI's Weapon Database

Infantry Weapons:

Infantry Size: 170,000 soilders.

EUR-002 - 16,000 units & 1 factory.

L85A1/SA80 family

Backpack Armored Defender

Vehicles (including air vehicles):

GAD WAH-64 Apache - 470

DFT-MK1 - 8,000 - OOC: In terms of RP, is compareable to the T-80UD. To find it, search "T-80UD".

*Classified Vehicles*

AST/PC-MK3 - Armored Sniper Tank/Personel Carrier

DFT-MK2 - Destructive Filtration Tank

DFF-MK3 - Desctructive Filtration Fortress

MAW-MK3 - "Dragon" Mobile Artillery Weapon

Other military units in use to come!

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Transvaler Krygsmagte (Transvaal Armed Forces)

40,000 soldiers

4,000 tanks

Transvaler Lugmag (Airforce)

55 x F-22 Raptor (fighter)

15 x F-22 Raptor (fighter) - naval carrier-based

5 x B-1B Lansier (bomber)

Transvaler Seemag (Navy)

3 x Aircraft carriers (Clemenceau class)

3 x Submarines (Type 209/1400 class)

3 x Destroyers (Iroquois class)

3 x Frigates (Valour class)

3 x Cruisers (Ticonderoga class)

4 x Battleships (Iowa class)

4 x Landing ships

3 x Corvettes (Braunschweig class)

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Imperium of America Military Database:

ACS-03 "Apollo" - 60,000 Units. Factory Occupied.

M-2 "Thunderburst" Assault Rifle - 1.5 Million Units. Factory Occupied.

M-3 Imperial Canister Long Rifle - 55,000 Units. Factory Occupied.

M-4 Imperial Canister Short Rifle - 25,000 Units. Factory Occupied.

F-1 "Night Haunter" - 35 Squadrons. 1 Forge Operational.

A-1 "Bumblebee" - Classified Deployments. 1 Forge Operational.

A-2 "Phoenix" - Classified Deployments. 1 Forge Operational.

B-1 "Blacksword" - 35 Squadrons. 1 Forge Operational.

B-2 Dagger - 5 Squadrons. Forge Occupied.

M-1 "Destructor" - Classified Deployment. 1 Forge Operational.

M-3 "Gargoyle" - Classifled Deployment. Forge Occupied.

M-4 "Demolisher" - Classified Deployment. Forge Occupied.


ACS-04 "Archangel" - 500 Units. Forge Occupied.

XUGAV-1 Experimental All-Terrain Combat Drone - 200 Units. 1 Forge Operational.

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OOC: This is a good idea, especially since I was too lazy to make a wiki page, and the military thread I made like everyone else's got buried and I don't want to gravedig it. If you can get this pinned it would be very useful to see what everyone else has, in one convenient place. I will edit this with the link to my old thraed as soon as I can dig it out and update it; it is a tad outdated. /OOC

Edit: As promised: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=36805

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This seems like it could be useful so I am going to pin it on a trial basis. If it is used it will stay pinned if it isn't used much within the next week I will unpin it.

I am not sure what the purpose of keeping it IC is though, I understand not wanting discussion but it seems that it would be more useful OOC. Would you mind telling me your reasons for this? PM me that if you wouldn't mind.

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Services Completed For UFE: Imperial Guard, Pacific Corps, People's Liberation Navy, People's Liberation Amphibious Assualt Force (Marines), People's Liberation Army Airforce

Services to Complete: People's Liberation Army, Outer Territories Force

People's Liberation Army Order of Battle:

Notes on Infantry Types:

Dragon's Might- These are the most intensely trained special forces in the Empire.

Shock Troops- Shock Troops are heavy infantry who are designed to move rapidly in high intensity fire fight situations. They are equipped with UMV support (extra among the JSEF forces). They typically have a mix of anti vehicle and anti infantry weapon systems.

Combat Engineers- Combat Engineers are slower units designed for specialized missions. They are excellent at anti-armor and anti-fortification tactics. The units typically are less well equipped to deal with enemy infantry on the offensive (though dug in their weapons work pretty damn well). They like their combat engineer counter parts have heavy UMV support, often times more so.

Force Recon- Force Recon teams are units designed for speed. These teams carry armor, but they typically go light on weaponry. Weak against vehicles, they are powerful against infantry however, as the marksmenship requirement for these units is especially high. Essentially special forces, these units are highly effective in non-urban situations or where speed matters. Their UMV support tends to be the lowest, relying only on small portable ones, and airborne ones.

Force Stabilization- Force Stabilization are units designed for peace keeping, they typically employ both lethal and non-lethal weapons. These units are attached to Pacific Corps and inserted into irregular warfare or anarchy situations, the forces are also for disaster relief.

Notes on Vehicles:

BLOS- Beyond Line of Site

NLOS- None Line of Site

MCS- Mounted Combat System

AFV- Armored Fighting Vehicle

HAFV- Heavy Artillery Vehicle

IFV- Infantry Fighting Vehicle

400, 000 Shock Troopers (Equipped With Marine Storm Armor)

200, 000 Combat Engineers (Equipped With Marine Storm Armor)

100, 000 Force Recon Specialists (Equipped With Marine Storm Armor)

110, 000 Other Specialization Soldiers (Have NBC and Marine Storm combat armor available but not always deployed)

Joint Strike and Expeditionary Force Order of Battle:

500 Dragon's Might (Equipped with SPECTRE II Battlesuits)

180, 000 Shock Troops (Equipped with SPECTRE II Battle Suits)

100, 000 Combat Engineers (Equipped with SPECTRE II Battle Suits)

70, 000 Force Recon Specialists (Equipped with SPECTRE II Battle Suits)

Pacific Corps:

10, 000 Force Recon(Equipped with SPECTRE II Battles suits)

30, 000 Force Stabilizers (Equipped with Marine Storm Armor)

810, 000 People's Liberation Army Soldiers

350, 000 JSEF Soldiers

40, 000 Pacific Corps Soldiers

Armor (smaller combat vehicles aren't included):

6500 JSEF (3500 BLOS MCS, 1300 NLOS-C AFVs, 600 NLOS-M AFVs, 200 Metal Storm AFV)

10, 500 PLA (3450 Juggernaut HAFV, 3900 Ogre HAFV, 1100 Titan H-NLOS C, 800 JM-2 Widowmaker Missile H-NLOS M, 900 Asura-M Command Vehicles, 350 Metal Storm AFV)

300 Pacific Corps (200 Asura Combat Vehicles, 100 MFVs)


Naval Forces:

10 F-22 S-M Squadrons (5 Squadrons to Mogar Class)

36 F/A-60-C Hailstorm Squadrons

7 F-65 Vanguard Squadrons

8 F/A-47-B Squadrons

3 Super A-10 Squadrons

Bomber Forces:

2 GLI-133 Ank'ríat Squadrons

2 Hypersonic “The Eye” Bomber Squadrons

15 B-8 Stealth Bomber Squadron

10 Tu-160 (S) Super Sonic Bomber Squadrons

8 AB-52 Armored Bomber Squadrons

Attack Squadrons:

8 Super A-10 'Dragon's Tail' Squadrons

8 AC-130 Gunship Squadrons

8 Skyhawk-B Stealth Squadron

Fighter/Attack Squadrons:

20 F-65 Vanguard Air Dominance Squadrons

30 F-50-B Stealth Air Superiority Squadrons

40 F/A-47-B Stealth Multi-Role Squadrons

8 Skyhawk A (I) Stealth Drone Squadrons

Naval Forces (by tonnage):

Extra-Large Tonnage:

6 Imperial Class Carriers

2 Mogar Class Carriers

Heavy Tonnage:

5 Pacific Wolf Class Battlecruiser

4 Zhongguo Class Guided Missile Battleships

4 Zheng He Class Guided Missile Battlecruiser

7 Revolutionary Class Amphibious Assualt Carrier

7 Tianjin Class Amphibious Assualt Dock

Medium Tonnage:

6 Jade Emperor Class Stealth Pocket Battleship

17 Sun Wu Kong Class Stealth Guided Missile Destroyer

5 Qing Class Guided Missile Frigate

6 Saigon Class Stealth Guided Missile Frigate

9 Franco Class Ballistic Missile Submarines

Low Tonnage:

8 Littoral Combat Ships

6 Seawolf (S) Attack Submarines

Strategic Nuclear Forces (this does not include the arsenal below 100 kilotons explosives or smaller neutron bombs):

21 Land Based Rocket Silos (6 ICBMs MIRVs with hydrogen (50 megaton+) warheads)

9 Franco Class Attack Subs (10 SLBMs MIRVS with (5-15 megaton) warheads)

6 Seawolf Class Attack subs (20 stealth based cruise missiles (40 Stealth Cruise Missiles (1-3 megaton) warheads)

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Armed Forces of Azerbaijan

Army of Azerbaijan

4000 Active Soldiers

9000 Reserve Troops

200 x T-72 Main battle tank

40 x BMD-1 Airborne combat vehicle

100 x BMP-1 Infantry fighting vehicle

20 x BRM-1 Infantry fighting vehicle

50 x BTR-4 Wheeled armoured personnel carrier

Artillery Corps of Azerbaijan

70 x MT-12 "Rapira" 100mm smoothbore AT-Gun

30 x 122mm 40-tube Multiple Launch Rocket system Grad

50 x M46 130 mm

Strategic Missiles Corps of Azerbaijan

2 Ground Based Tomahawk Missiles

Air Force of Azerbaijan

2 AH-1 Cobra

28 Yakovlev Yak-9

20 P-51 Mustang

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Regular troops: 598,212 men

Special Ops with SPECTRE armor: 66468

Ogre Main Battle Tanks: 5,646

Titan Artillery piece: 1,000

800 MLRS

(supporting vehicles for ground troops including AA is going to be RPed as necessary, as is the convention I've been seeing)

10 Squadrons of the F/A-47 Sino-Fighter

10 Squadrons of the F-50 Screaming Banshee

30 squadrons of the F-22S (Sino) Raptor

20 Squadrons of the B-8

15 of the B-52(G) Dragon's Claw

Support including gunships as necessary, but not excessive amounts


4 Littoral Combat Ships

1 Pacific Wolf Class Escort Carrier

3 Jade Emperor Class Stealth Battleships

6 Zheng hi Battle Cruisers

6 Wun Wu Kong Destroyers

3 Imperial Class carriers

4 Amphibious assault vessels

8 Franco-class Nuclear Submarines

25 nukes.

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combat personel - 850,000

Tanks - 8500

Airforce -

105 squadrons, 20 aircraft each (2100 aircraft)

Carriers carry 5 squads.

I don't really have any specific details on aircraft but my airforce is a combination of 5th and earlyish 6th generation aircraft

70 squads of Air Supremacy

15 squads of mutlirole

10 squads of attack craft.

10 squads of dedicated bombers


All vessels are semistealth and both heavily armed, but also armoured.

(naval academy bonus)

Naboo Navy

9 Corvettes

9 littoral escort carriers(landing craft), with heacy LCACS (hovercraft)

8 Modern Battleships (missiles and railguns)

7 Cruisers (missile)

7 Frigates (Missile)

7 Destroyers (missile)

6 Nuclear Submarines (SSBN and attack)

6 Aircraft Carriers

IWN-Naboo forces

9 Corvettes

9 littoral escort carriers(landing craft), with heacy LCACS (hovercraft)

8 Modern Battleships (missiles and railguns)

7 Cruisers (missile)

7 Frigates (Missile)

7 Destroyers (missile)

6 Nuclear Submarines (SSBN and attack)

6 Aircraft Carriers

(note: Most ships have at least a small railgun but it may not be their primary armament)

Total: 118 ships


25 H-ICBMs (upto 50 MIRVs each, mix of penaids and warheads)

Assorted smaller rocket forces (see strat rocket forces)

Strategic rocket forces:


Biological weapons (ignore the cloning stuff)


Defence platforms (I have a lot of these... a LOT)


I might tone them down a tad but they're still pretty powerful. Also plenty of info on my island itself there. It's pretty cool.

The exclusion zone is packed with these and the coast of africa has a few too.

Details ony my SDI, and SOSUS. Remember on the map, I currently also have control of IW's and KT's grids, having inherited the first... and ceased loaning the second. I also have a similar line off the coast of africa but it's just around my waters.


Details on some anti air systems.


I don't really roleplay too much with my military I guess.

Powered battle suits and special nukes.


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The National Guard

Currenlty, the National Guard consists of 20,000 elite soldiers capable of moving to any part of the Republic at a moments notice. Recent training drills put the mobilization of the entire Guard at a maximum of one hour, with another hour allowed to reach any place within the Republic that there is a threat. They are equipped with weapons and amror originally designed by the United Francoist Empire, however it is now manufactured within the Republic. They are equipped with SPECTRE battle suits, capable of stopping numerous different weapons, as well as HUD displays providing targeting data and gives a soldier information enough to be a one man position. These units maintain a 'Heavy Weapons' sector, consisting of Armor, Air, and other larger weapons.

--National Air Force--

1st National Air Division "The Orange"

1st National Air Superiority Squadron 20 F-50 Screaming Banshee (UFE manu.)

2nd National Air Superiority Squadron 20 F-50 Screaming Banshee (UFE manu.)

3rd National Air Interceptor Squadron 20 F-60 Hailstorm Strike (UFE manu.)

4th National Air Interceptor Squadron 20 F-60 Hailstorm Strike (UFE manu.)

5th National Air Combined Squadron 20 F-50 & 20 F-60 (UFE manu.)

6th National Air Combined Squadron 20 F-50 & 20 F-60 (UFE manu.)

2nd National Air Division "The Red"

1st National Air Strike Squadron 10 B-8 (UFE manu.)

2nd National Air Strike Squadron 10 B-8 (UFE manu.)

3rd National Air Division "The Green"

1st National Air Provisional Squadron 20 Utrecht Transports

2nd National Air Provisional Squadron 20 Utrecht Transports

National Guard:

1st National Guard Assault Infantry Division: 5,000 Infantry, 100 MK-28 combat vehicles, 30 Asura Command Vehicles, 50 Juggernaut Main Battle Tanks, 70 Ogre Main Battle Tanks, 20 Titan self propelled artillery, 100 Type 95 AA Guns, various transport support craft.

2nd National Guard Assault Infantry Division: 5,000 Infantry, 100 MK-28 combat vehicles, 30 Asura Command Vehicles, 50 Juggernaut Main Battle Tanks, 70 Ogre Main Battle Tanks, 20 Titan self propelled artillery, 100 Type 95 AA Guns, various transport support craft.

3rd National Guard Assault Infantry Division: 5,000 Infantry, 100 MK-28 combat vehicles, 30 Asura Command Vehicles, 50 Juggernaut Main Battle Tanks, 70 Ogre Main Battle Tanks, 20 Titan self propelled artillery, 100 Type 95 AA Guns, various transport support craft.

4th National Guard Assault Airborne Division: See air force for the National Guard. Additional 20 Super Hind Gunships, 200 airborne-modified MK-28 Combat Vehicles

Additional Vehicles Provided:

Asura Command Vehicles



Type 95s


15 F-50-B Squadrons

30 F-60 Squadrons

5 AB-52 Squadrons

5 B-8 Squadrons

5 Tu-160 Squadrons

5 AC-130 Squadrons

10 A-10 Squadrons

Ground Forces:


100 Hind Supergunships

150 Titan Artillery Pieces

300 Razorstorm ATVs

900 Juggernaut Tanks

1050 Ogre Tanks

Armor Provided:

10, 000 SPECTRE Combat Armor suits

100, 000 Shock trooper armor suits

40, 000 Combat Engineer suits

100, 000 force recon armor suits

Infantry Weapons Provided:

80, 000 Hydra Assualt Rifles

700, 000 Barett Assualt Rifles

20, 000 Future Combat Systems

15, 000 guided rocket launchers

10, 000 heavy machine guns

8, 000 automatic grenade launchers


3 Imperial Class Carriers

3 Revolution Class Assualt Ships

2 Franco Class SSBNs

3 Jade Emperor Battleships

3 Zheng He Battlecruisers

3 Qing Frigates

3 Pacific Wolf Battlecruisers

6 Sun Wukong Destroyers

Multiple ECW and transport craft

moar to come...

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OOC: I'll keep this short and sweet since I know jack about 80's armored vehicles/planes/artillery and whatnot.


Infantry Weapons


Kar98k Officer's Edition




Gewehr 43





Barret 50. Cal (if this wasn't available in 1981ish, then disregard this)

M1A1 Carbine

M1 Carbine (Semi-Auto)

M1 Carbine (Full Auto)

M4 Carbine (Semi-or Full Auto)


M1 Garand



Type 100

Type 99




Mosin Nagant



M1919 30. Cal

M4 "Smile" Grenade





1897 Trenchgun

Double-Barreled Shotgun







MG08 (Modified MG34, chambered for 50. cal)



M1911 .45

Walther P-38






M249 SAW




Panzer Mk. 9

Panzer III

Panzer IV

Sherman M1A1




Bradley APC





Opel Blitz

Horch 1a

Willys Jeep


GMC 4x6

Light Truck (Sierra or Silverado) w/ 30. cal machinegun mounted

Gaz 67b

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Shortened Version: (It's IC, but mostly classified)

OOC Note: I'm using RL names for the equipment so that it's much easier to know the specs.

IC: Infantry- 950,000 soldiers

Aircraft- 85 squadrons of 9 planes each (765 planes)

Tanks- Unknown (9,335 max)

Navy- 65 vessels when fully built, not including support vessels

**Everything beyond this point is classified**


Each Regiment is accompanied by an unnamed amount of vehicles.

Corporation Security Division: 198,000 soldiers

Border Patrol Division: 224,000 soldiers

Offensive Division: 192,000 soldiers

Reserves: 336,000 soldiers

Soldiers loyal to the University of Arfreick over the Corporation: 272,000 soldiers

Soldiers loyal to the University of Domido over the Corporation: 144,000 soldiers

Soldiers loyal to the University of Merktiv over the Corporation: 64,000 soldiers

Soldiers without special loyalties to Universities: 470,000 soldiers


Each squadron consists of 9 Planes


10 squadrons of F/A-18E Super Hornet

5 squadrons of F/A-18F Super Hornet

10 squadrons of F-35 Lightning II with GE/RR F136

10 squadrons of F-22 Raptor

5 squadrons of MiG-31

Support Helicopters

4 squadrons of SH-60 Seahawk

10 squadrons of CH-46 Sea Knight

4 squadrons of MQ-8 Fire Scout

5 squadrons of RAH-66 Comanche


20 squadrons of Tupolev Tu-160

2 squadrons of 2018 bomber


(Quantities are unknown)

M1 Abrams

Cougar JERRV

Strykers (exact types and amounts not known)



MIM-72 A Chaparral


OOC: these are the same specs as the ships in Wighton

7 Imperial-class Aircraft Carriers (CVX)

16 Wightonia-class Attack Submarines (SSN)

12 Kilo-class Ballistic Missile Submarines (SSBN)

10 Radoslav-class Battleship (BBGX)

20 Hildegard-class Heavy Cruisers (CSGN)

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OOC:(just in case) I added the link to my old military thread to my post above. I updated it as well. It had falen all the way back to page 54 or something. :P

I put in my civilian armed soldiers as reserve divisions, a la Swiss style. What do you all think of that, is it reasonable? I plan on activating those at either Defcon 1 or general mobilisation, if we are not hit by surprise. The tank and mechanised reserves will be activated at Defcon 3 because they will be needed immediately, and require more time to organise as well.

I didn't do this before but here is the breakdown by region:

Paca- 2 tank, 4 mechanised, 1 AAA, 9 Mountain, and 1 Alpine regular divisions. 1 tank, 2 mechanised, and 12 Infantry reserve divisions.

Corsica- 1 tank, 2 mechanised, 3 AAA, 3 coastal artillery, 6 mountain, 1 Naval Infantry, and 1 Parachute regular divisions, plus 1 independant heavy tank brigade. 1 tank, 2 mechanised, and 13 Infantry reserve divisions.

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Great Lakes States military

Total amount of troops: 43,000


Active military:

Elite unit: 1000

1st unit: 2000

2nd unit: 2000

3rd unit: 2000

4th unit: 2000

5th unit: 2000



Elite unit: 5000

1st unit: 3800

2nd unit: 3800

3rd unit: 3800

4th unit: 3800

5th unit: 3800

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