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  1. hi. (old cn+epicmafia buddies)

  2. Hm in that case I'd argue that Vox Populi was not a successful alliance in the normal sense. Vox Populi was just an AA that people who chose to oppose NPO joined in. It was an alliance, but instead of existing to perpetuate the wellbeing of its members, it existed for a direct purpose/cause--it was there to destroy something else. Thus I believe that's part of the reason Vox Populi didn't last. Once the purpose was achieved or people became bored of the purpose, people left. Also, I wasn't trying to correlate more (or less) members with better (or worse) alliances. By the first value, I meant
  3. darnit i wish i can find you on IRC >.>

  4. hey i suddenly remembered you from CNRP from a long time ago; how's it going?

  5. I will be discussing things that are very obvious to me, yet I have not seen people spend much time discussing. Throughout my CN experience I've been very involved, at some points, in every aspect of the alliance except foreign policy (which I agree is a very important part). Thus you may see that my posts tend to shy away from mentioning any foreign policy, but they should offer a fresh perspective from someone who is less interested in interalliance politics. In this first post we will discuss the fundamentals of alliancehood. Fundamentals of Alliancehood There are two values that members
  6. Your AWESOME!!

    How are ya??

    Don't be a stranger :)

    You know how to use IRC :)

  7. nooo. don't eat my tech. you're evil.

  8. NOn nom nom, I am eating your tech. Go check.....see I told you.

  9. I was kinda saying that the purpose of the rule is to guarentee that there's 200 members participating in a sanctioned alliance.
  10. I if makes "sense", please explain "how" it makes any sense to weight membership heavily in the score system itself and then use it *again* as artificial barrier? Just as example: The Top199 nations in the game have together: 19,395,764.30 NS - 97,466.15 avg NS - Score: 66.95 These 199 nations would obliterate *any* existing alliance in the game with ease. Now, you need only 24.20 score IF you have more than 200 nations. 6,569,000 NS - 32,845 avg NS - Score: 24.20 -> enough. Now explain please what makes sense in a scenario where Group A, that could obliterate *anyone* would get no
  11. I voted "Keep it", because I still don't see a reason to "remove it". It makes sense that a sanctioned alliance should have 200 members. TOP doesn't absolutely have to stay below 200 members. So there's no need for them to move their own members away just to lower the member count. Also, there isn't much wrong with Vox Populi gathering attention. They wanted attention, and they came up with a way to get attention.
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