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  1. This might have worked slightly better in the reverse order.
  2. Wow. Awesome interviews RV. I'm learning stuff I never knew before about CN history. Wise posts as always.
  3. I will change colors+resources and join. I'm sending you a pm in game
  4. While the OP does not technically or explicitly state the conditions for losing membership, it is indirectly implied by the statement "any nation that wears its AA is automatically considered a member and subject to its rules" that nations not wearing the FAIL AA are not considered members of FAIL. On the other hand, any nation who does not wear the FAIL AA that desires to become a member of FAIL can simply join by putting on the FAIL AA.
  5. News flash: FAIL's civil war has ended, as all rebelling and disobedient parties have left the alliance. The forces loyal to the Dog Emperor have been victorious. However, this unfortunately brings down the population of the membership to one. As a one-man alliance is not a legitimate alliance, FAIL is hereby temporarily disbanded for the duration that it has only one member. If another nation were to join FAIL, FAIL will return to its status as an alliance.
  6. o/ Zeppelin and congrats bassman! May your reign prosper and be as stable as Nemhauser's
  7. Good luck. I have posted it on my facebook.
  8. [quote name='Beefspari' timestamp='1326279192' post='2897351'] I still don't understand why people decide they're going to quit, and then stick around for another 6 months rogueing. Isn't the point of quitting to, like, quit? Besides which, if your goal is to have fun I hardly see value in attacking people who deal with exactly this same thing on a daily basis. You'll fight unsurprised people and blend in as one of the many dozens who came before you. None of your actions will have any impact. End result will be uneventful for all. If you [i][b]really[/b][/i] wanted to have fun, you should've done something unexpected. Like declare on GPA and see how well they fight and how much NS of theirs you can drop in one go. [/quote] It's only fun to fight people who enjoy fighting rogues. That's probably why a lot of people rogue GOONS. Otherwise both the rogue and the people the rogue fights will end up unsatisfied.
  9. [color="#4000B0"]We will be merciful, and demand no reps in our peace terms.[/color] [quote][size="3"][color="#4000B0"]Individual Surrender Terms[/color][/size] [color="#4000B0"]Individual nations wishing to surrender to the Federated Allied Independence League must agree to abide by the following terms: 1. Decommission all tanks, planes, nukes, and navy. If you have a Fallout Shelter System, decommission it. Otherwise, purchase it as your next wonder. 2. Change your Alliance Affliation to "Federated Allied Independence League". 3. Change your nation team to Black. 4. Place "FAIL PoW" in your nation bio. You may remove this after 14 days. 5. Register on [url="http://z13.invisionfree.com/FAIL_Forums/"]FAIL forums[/url] and make a post in the Membership Mask Application thread: http://z13.invisionfree.com/FAIL_Forums/index.php?showtopic=2 6. Post "I, (ruler name), agree to surrender to the forces of the Federated Allied Independence League. As of today I will become a member of FAIL and serve the Dog Emperor to the best of my ability." in the following topic: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=213 7. Peace out all your wars with FAIL.[/color][/quote] [color="#4000B0"]These terms will last for 29 days, and FAIL nations have the right to attack and resume war with any nation that fails to comply.[/color]
  10. Very merciful terms. May I suggest a "6. Change your nation team to Purple, and send a trade offer to Franz Ferdinand." term?
  11. Shout out to zoomzoomzoom, umar, zerileous, and decker for actually coordinating in war!
  12. hi. (old cn+epicmafia buddies)

  13. [quote name='White Chocolate' timestamp='1326121606' post='2896295'] I find that doing random acts of kindness confuse people way more on CN (and thus is fun in it's own way) than anything else. Start giving away free tech and cash to random people. See what responses you get. Maybe post the best ones in a blog. Help someone defend themselves against someone else. Just a random person. They can be in an alliance war or not - who cares. Make it as official looking as possible by writing "defending (person's name)" in your war reason. When all your nukes are gone, move into non-aligned, don't buy any back but keep your MP and other war wonders and when some tech raider doesn't pay attention but just attacks (regardless what alliance he or she is from) give the person a fight to remember. It really will not take that long for someone to attack you - might even have all your slots full overnight. Then go on a "righteous" rampage against those who were fool enough to attack you and find out how long before they are begging to be let out of the war they started Maybe post the best begging in a blog. You could copy GOONS style - a make fun of their tears. [/quote] That's a good idea, similar to the Moldavi-doctrine-for-black idea, except mine was more about aiding those who are being raided, since it's unlikely your nation is in range of most nations getting raided. I'll add this to the OP. [quote name='Freddy' timestamp='1326125420' post='2896319'] I still think the imenent quitters AA is the best. Three nations like yours, with no care for the future - could wreck havoc. Your limited slots makes anything you may choose to do - limited. If you triple team someone, or rain aid down on someone it would make a difference. You can call the alliance IDGAF. [/quote] Will add to OP.
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