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  1. Weird, I thought you'd retired.

  2. Darth Revan

    I need a new phone

    Androids are great, I would go with the Nexus 1 or the Sprint Evo 4G.
  3. You tickle my funny bone. :D

    You are better than admin, but dont tell him I said that. :P

  4. Let's keep in mind that even though this is a blog, flaming/baiting is still against the rules.
  5. Ah see you did it again!

  6. Darth Revan


    Welcome back, have fun and be good.
  7. scary scary scary please don't ban me! :P

  8. now blue is your color

  9. I went to Les Mis with Miss Estella Havisham at 5pm at the... Justitia theatre in.. ..chair... mouse ington... New Charmousington.

  10. You should always be worried...(insert menacing music here)

  11. Modviewing my profile D: should I be worried? (First thing I did was check my warn log lol)

  12. I expect a complete list of names for those witnesses along with which show you saw and what showing.

  13. I swear I didn't do it. I was at the theatre all evening. I have witnesses.

  14. Your rap has inspired me...

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