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Greetings fellow nations, 


I come bearing updates from the distant and irrelevant Entente at the far corner of Bob.


Firstly being on Bob for six years, and constant plotting ages you, so I've taken it upon myself to grow out my beard to preserve my timelessness.  Although some say I look like an artist...



Secondly and more Important;  thank you to the senators on Brown, Black, Maroon and Aqua teams for sanctioning the nuclear rogue that savaged allied nations this past week. Weaker senators of less Character would have ignored this but you have not. It is important that all alliances of influence denounce illegal, unmotivated acts of chaos lest we go back down the path that led us to the dark days of Libertarian Party of CN; and their domination of the Brown team. 


Shout out to my allies at Ordo Cybernecticus for acting on the Accord de fabrication Impériale and jumping in on these would be pirates; and to COBRA  for assuring their complete destruction. 



Other than that, we are still here planet Bob. We are still here and still independent as ever, that's probably not gonna change anytime soon! 


Long live Entente!











Edited by Lucius Optimus
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5 minutes ago, Smitty256 said:

Forgive me for not paying attention to what is going on in the world of TIE. Who rogued you guys? It is good to see that a rogue got his butt handed to him. 


I mean, you are paying attention? You posted in this thread, more than once even. Weird way to show you don't care. So the issue isn't a lack of care, it is simply one of comprehension. 

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I posted in this thread before I decided to try and find it in game because y'all are so unhelpful. In the time it you guys to attack me, you could have just answered my question. Which was who rogued TIE? But no, you had to make this more difficult, sheesh. 

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7 hours ago, Smitty256 said:

I have to be honest, I don't have any idea what this announcement is about.


7 hours ago, Smitty256 said:

Forgive me for not paying attention to what is going on in the world of TIE.

Maybe someone has to explain to you that Bob doesn't end on page 1 of the alliances list.

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8 hours ago, Johnny Apocalypse said:

Some guy called "Nuclear Tech 2", it was good to test my own new EMP nuclear tech on him.



Thank you


7 hours ago, Lucius Optimus said:

Damn right it is. 


You're forgiven 


Rogues always deserve to be put in their place. Glad you guys got to do it.

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