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Putting the W back in WAE

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The Global Alliance and Treaty Organization has recently held elections, and a new government has been elected to run the alliance for the next three months. It is my great pleasure to have been afforded the privilege to serve as Assembly Chairman of the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization, and I am looking forward to a successful term with the men and women who I have asked to join me in running GATO this term. Without further ado, this is our government lineup.

Assembly Chairman: We Are Not Alone (WANA)

Deputy Assembly Chairman: Greywall

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Tevron

Minister of Domestic Affairs: Overlord Wes

Minister of Finance: DragonsPhyre

Minister of Defense: Dre4mwe4ver

Advisors: Crv24 and Levonscott

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10 hours ago, Sir Kiloist said:

You don’t know what you’ve done... Greywall? Dre4m? 


My god... W as AC...


A challenge against my WAE govt... 

Wes being in the lineup might be the greatest saving grace.

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