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Crap out

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We all know who they are... the orders of Cheese Pizzas and Hot Dogs. Apocalypse Meow intercepted communication that the leader of CRAP specifically ordered $10,000 worth of so-called "Hot Dogs". We're onto this, we know exactly what these SCUM are doing! We won't abide by it, as any decent feline shouldn't. We will fight them! Stop feeling like you don't have power. Stop feeling pathetic and weak. Break out of your two-click-a-day-induced trance. It starts with a war growl. It starts with getting fired up, staring at yourself in the mirror, and showing some teeth, and saying "I'm a feline. I have dignity. I'm gonna resist. I'm gonna start recognizing the propaganda. I'm gonna break free from it. I'm not gonna fight with my family. I'm gonna organize with my family, and realize we're under attack by the crappy crap crappers. WE DEFEAT YOU with our friends in COBRA.


Nord Belka,
First Lieutenant of Apocalypse Meow

First Sergeant of Apocalypse Meow



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6 hours ago, Neo Uruk said:

I....... yeah. that's kind of the point. By old standards there are, like, 10 alliances and a bunch of micros.


Old standards are gone, thankfully.


I no longer recognise alliances with more than 10 members now, anyone over 10 members is fair game.

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