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aNiMaLs: your moms pay me to pee in their hair

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What every happened to this being an alliance announcements spot....not random nation whining at someone spot....






Maybe a bit of an overkill but o well.


Al Bundy

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4 minutes ago, slymenstra hymen said:

homosexual latency evolves to next level

What is that fixation against homosexuality?


Are you looking for troubles?




A nation inhabited only by Wymyn, offspring obtained through "oocytes fusion" reproductive technique. Pillars of the nation are four: Empresses, Armed Forces, Education and Welfare (particularly a comprehensive universal healthcare system including even extensive prevention). Population is divided - through accomplishment / lack of voluntary military service - in Amazons and Frumps: Amazons are warriors, with full political responsabilities. Frumps can have even more income (and, by so, economical power) but they cannot carry firearms (just only melee weapons, used in traditional duels to protect their honor), and they can only voluntarly vote in referendas. Both Amazons and Frumps have the right to fight as gladiatrices in the Holy Arena of Labrys, the capital. Cybernetic implants are banned, but Amazons use the typical dark purple battlesuit during actions. Slavery, Racism, BDSM, Anarchism, Heterosexuality and Men are absolutely forbidden, and there are very strict limitations about "erotika" (pornography) and "affairs with gifts" (prostitution). Femocratic Lands is a "Constitutional Empressesdom", ruled by the Empress of Peace, by the Empress of War, and by the Greatest Assembly held in the Sala Magna of the "Palace of Resolutions" (that is part of The Palace of Eternal Sun and Rain, main residence of the two empresses) and whose members are directly elected by all the Amazons to represent the nation's many regions. The territory extends from Azores and Greenland to the west, Novaya Zemlya-Ural Mountains-Aral Sea to the east, Sahara to the south, and the Arabic Radioactive Wasteland to the south-east. Political parties are: Socialiber (Social-Liberal), Amazons for Socialism, Order and Progress (a technocratic party), and the ultranationalist and populist FWP (Femocratic Wymyn Party). Anthem: OFFICIAL "Goodbye Horses" by Q Lazzarus, UNOFFICIAL "Ordinary Day" by Dolores O'Riordan (aka "Whileaway's song"), WAR ANTHEM: "Ouragan" by Stephanie.



The Empress of Peace.

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