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Greetings believers, friends, and heretics,
Now that we've returned to a state of peacefulness & enhanced laziness from our previous state of cactus killer machine. Like so...
oXnAHOz.png --> 8cVnFPF.jpg

...I come before you all today for a most sanctimonious announcement. We are here to announce the most amazing and ever changing elder tribesman of the great Florida Cactus Alliance.

In a most shocking turn of events and a general show of apathy and approval towards the current state of the insanity in the Random Insanity Alliance every single incumbent was re-elected without even a challenger. Thus, as per tradition, we made up random objects for everyone to run and lose against.
For Triumvir, we saw im317 (the incumbent) go against a cat. Running on the platform of ending dog privilege in the alliance, the cat won with 57.1% of the vote.
For Head of Recruitment, in the most official election of dester55 (the incumbent) vs. a llama (the challenger), we saw the llama win a landslide 66.7% of the voe.
For Head of Foreign Affairs, brian (the incumbent) completely forgot to announce his intention to re-run so the government was forced to do some paperwork and choose him for the position.
For Head of Economics, we (surprisenly) saw cctmsp13 trimpuh over the Rainbow Sheep (7F3PM7k.gif) with 55.6% of the vote. This shows his popularly as Viceroy of the RIA for the past several years in that he is able to even overcome the mighty Rainbow Sheep.
For Head of Military Operations, we saw biofantic (the incumbent) face off against the dancing banana (bt0cQfj.gif) and the dancing banana with guns (zyzoUHX.gif). In a not so shocking twist the dancing banana with guns won with 50% of the votes.
For Head of Internal Affairs, we saw Croix (the incumbent) face off against Cool Spot (0vh72iv.gif). Cool Spot was able to come ahead with 57.1%.
For Captain Planet, we saw a close race between Leo, Moth, and Shadow with Moth & Shadow tying with 37.5% each. Thus both become joint Captain Planet for the next two months.
Additionally, we also had elections for the im317, Moth, and Shadow of the alliance in which Leo, Shadow, and Moth won respectively. Don't worry, we don't even know what that means either.

Thus our government continues being run by emoticons and remains as follows:

Triumvirate XII:

im317 - Ogaden - Shadow

Cabinet XCVII:

Head of Economics:

Head of Foreign Affairs:

Head of Internal Affairs:

Head of Military Operations:

Head of Recruitment:
Special Advisiors

47 & 48th Captain Planets:
Joint Moth & Shadow

Cactus Emeritus
Agent Lemon
Shadow Slayer
Thunder Strike

Floridian Tribal Elder

God Emperor


Prince of Darkness




free bacon at http://rialliance.net/index.php Edited by ShadowDragon
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