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Titans and Stars unite

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It's hard to hold up stars
This Optional Defense Optional Aggression Pact between Atlas and the North Star Federation is signed in the effort to keep the stars in their rightful place.
Article I: Sovereignty
The Stars and Titans agree that they are completely different beings and that a Star is a Star and a Titan is a Titan.
Article II: Non-Aggression
The Titans and stars agree not to conduct any acts of warfare (Star snuffing or Titan eye-gouging), espionage, or other acts of aggression against the other.
Article III: Intelligence
In the event that a Titan or Star hears trash talk about a Titan’s mother or a Star’s intergalactic nebula, they agree to share said information with each other.
Article IV: Optional Defense
If either the Stars or Titans comes under assault from a Star snuffer or Titan eye-gouging, they may ask the other alliance for military aid. The other signatory has the option of giving military aid and assistance.
Article IV. Optional Aggression
If either a Star or a Titan decide to go help out one of their fellow comrades, they are obliged to go and tell the other about this and invite them to join in on the madness if they choose to do so.
Article VI: Aid
At any time a Star or a Titan of this treaty asks for aid of any kind from the other. The other signatory has the option to refuse the request for any valid reason. This request is non-binding.
Article VII: Termination
If at any time the Stars just feel like they are going to go supernova, or the Titans just can’t hold the weight any longer, a notice of termination may be given and a grace period of the Titan’s 3 earthly days (72 hours) which in this the treaty will be still active.
Signed for Atlas
President of Atlas - Alexio15
Vice President - Dorian Martell
Chancellor of Foreign Affairs - SlimCad
Chancellor of Finance - Kronia Dolius
Chancellor of Internal Affairs - Sir Kiloist
Chancellor of Defense -  Johnap88
Signed for North Star Federation
Crv24 - Emperor
Saxplayer - Regent
Empirical - Commander of Foreign Affairs
Callepolos - Commander of Domestic Affairs
Lord Charlie - Commander of Defense


Ratified by the 1st lords of Parliament


Poppa Clam


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See this is what happens when I let Alexio have slack on the leash... Now, I have to deal with Saxplayer more :(. Great. Anyway



o7 NSF

o7 Atlas


Damn you Kiloist I have all the slack I want  :ehm:

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