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  1. Glad to finally get this thing done and delivered. Its been a long time in the making and I couldn't think of anything better. \o/
  2. Thank you to our allies for the support. I'm looking forward to helping our new found friends, teach them, aid them, and even war with them.
  3. Enjoy------> http://youtu.be/Hdof7GM1TQU Signed for Atlas President of Atlas: Alexio15 Vice President and Atlas' Closet Communist: Sir Kiloist Chancellor of Foreign Affairs: Dorian Martell Chancellor of Defense: Franz Ferdinand Chancellor of Internal Affairs: Grealind Chancellor of Finance: Bde Chancellor of Culture: Blazin Signed for Union of Communist Republics Killinginnocent - Premier RA2Leader - Commissar of Defense AkkenNovikov - Commissar of Finance WarrenJarol - Commissar of Internal Affairs Sergei Romanov - Commissar of Foreign Affairs Sondirrasta - Commissar of Census Treaty written by Grealind, Dorian, Sergei Romanov, and KI. Treaty art done by AkkenNovikov Youtube video by AkkenNovikov
  4. The Union of Communist Republics hereby leaves the Die Linke Bloc. This decision comes after much talking and thinking. We wish LSF and SWF the best with their future endeavors. As for the UCR, we hope this will be the beginning of something beautiful. Killinginnocent - Premier RA2Leader - Commissar of Defense AkkenNovikov - Commissar of Finance WarrenJarol - Commissar of Internal Affairs Sergei Romanov - Commissar of Foreign Affairs The Red Tortoise will live on!
  5. Thanks y'all, we are alive and well. Depends on some days TBH, we gotta find our shoes and keys every morning. Anyhow thanks for all the love people. I look forward to continuing the endeavor of CN on behalf of the UCR. I want to bring friends closer with this treaty.
  6. I'll keep it simple, Thank you to our former ally TTE for letting us be part of each others history. We helped each other when we could and that is all we could ever ask for. Yuurei enjoy your retirement!
  7. Broke image hosting is the bane of all announcements. Atleast imgur works reliably.
  8. Ahh all good things must come to end. TTE and UCR have two different destinations and we have come to a fork in the road. For now we must part ways, so we may progress down our own paths to success.
  9. Comrades and allies across Cybernations, today makes a day in history in which the Union of Communist Republics and the Federation of Armed Nations will cease all hostile actions and intentions. FAN’s members have fought well and hard against the members of the UCR, as members of the UCR have withstood the barrage and fought with courage and bravery. To all allies of either party we all thank you for standing by your ally during this conflict whether you are ally of FAN or UCR, you have shown true colors and honor. We have all had a good round of wars, this shows that we all must be vigilant and hold fast to our members. This last week has provided countless learning opportunities to myself and others around me. So in this day we are parting ways with a handshake, a smile, and saying to one another good game. Let there be peace among all of us! Sincerely, KI Union of Communist Republics KillingInnocent - Premier RA2Leader - Commissar of Defense Trajanax - Commissar of Internal Affairs Sunnyfriv - Commissar of Finance Ronjoy - Die Linke Coordinator of Foreign Affairs Libertarian Socialist Federation - The Delegate Council Socialist Workers Front - The General Congress North Star Federation Emperor- Crv24 Chief Commander- Grealind Commander of Foreign Affairs- Saxplayer Commander of Internal Affairs- King Armen Commander of Defense- Lord Charlie Commander of Finance- Empirical Commander of Brown- Brycemas Multicolored Cross-X Alliance Jrkee, Chancellor RoughRider, Minister of Defense Ryan Thomas IV, Minister of Foreign Affairs Beta Panda, Minister of Internal Affairs Dookie on Drums, Minister of Finance AndrewHG, High Council Member Roo Blue II, High Council Member The Federation of Armed Nations The homeless guy that signed the DoW Old Guard Triumvir, External Affairs, Lan Mandragoran Triumvir, Security, Arminius
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAM0eYr4SpU We thank our dear ally for helping us in our time of need.
  11. Although I'm on the defending side I do enjoy gun and war threads. This is probably one of my favorite pictures of war.
  12. It would seem that Geli was honorable enough, but even when asking INT officials about why he came to the UCR and they blatantly lie to us, its rather disheartening and unbecoming. Some of us wanted to improve relations with INT after the shit fest in the past, but this action may have permanently damaged relations as this has ruffled quiet a number of feathers in all the member alliances of DL. Craig we ran out of bottled water about an hour ago, care for a juice box?
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