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Time has come

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The moment has arrived and it is with a heavy heart that I am stepping down. I wanted to wait a little while for the news to set in with OP but I will be stepping down and away from OP next round. I have done most everything in TE with OP I won flags, helped friends win them, flag busted, kicked a lot of ass and got my ass kicked a few times. It was fun and I wish everyone in OP and all the people I have met and consider friends (far too many to list individually you know who you are) the best. Too my many enemies may you burn in hell. Just kidding or am I :) I wish everyone else in TE the best of luck.

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Saw this thread and came to comment (no, I still do not have a TE nation.) I had some absolutely fantastic times working with and against paul in TE, and it's always sad to see a TE legend go into retirement. Best of luck moving forward paul, I know it wasn't easy for me, and I doubt it will be for you. 


o/ paul711



PS: Welcome to the ranks of the retirees! 

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        Don't tell us ,Paul, that SKARO have just  achieved what no one could do before...??? But we are newbs...! :o


         No, now seriously...  after all these past years at the very  top of your endevours at TE


with the OP Organization... wow!   Not even knowing it, that you never liked my posts, make me feel glad to see you go...


As others have said... you are a Legend here, man...  SKARO Salutes you ,and wish you a great RL retirement ! 


Ofcourse you can't be older than  60,so no SS wonder for you yet...! Lol! :laugh:   And I hope you will check on us here


while taking care of your former playing grounds and totally getting OP under the DALEKS  Metallic Cases and overall Will...! ;)


Have fun at the other side of Life... the Real Life SIDE...!         :D :smug:

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