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  1. Candor

    Daytona 500!

    Well, did any of you watch it? Most of you, I'm sure, gave up on it after the record-long 6 hr 22 min rain delay! Anyway, here is my recap: Things started off well for the Joe Gibbs guys and Kurt Busch, all of them leading laps. Paul Menard led at halfway, which is not necessarily a good thing, because practically no one wins leading at lap 100, if you look at the stats. Kyle Busch pulled a "Sponge-Brad", as I like to call it. He took the airgun from his pit stall and had to serve a penalty. Aric Almirola also did this, taking the jack with him. That, to me, was horribly entertaining. The battle for the lead in the last 20 laps was epic. Carl Edwards, Greg Biffle, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Brad Keselowski, and Denny Hamlin all got in on the action. In the end, Jr took the checkered flag! He got tape on the grill on lap 197, and tried to get it off using the pace car. Paraphrasing, I'll quote Dale here: "Actually, I think the tape helped us. It gave us a much-needed distraction. It kinda took away the stress and gravity of the situtation." Austin Dillon, as he said, "showed his yellow stripes" last night, and got into several wrecks, causing two of the three. (I think that stat is right, look it up, fellow fact-checkers.) Most of the wrecks in the 500 were major, taking out some pretty big names, like both Busches, Kevin Harvick, Danica Patrick, and others. Kyle Larson, the one of the other favorites for Rookie of the Year, made most of America question how legit this really was, and hit the wall twice, and was finally taken out by a wreck that Dillon caused. So, Jr takes the checkered flag. He is almost guaranteed a Chase berth. Opinions, anyone? I'll be the first to say that I was screaming with joy!
  2. Hi! Are you without an alliance? Do you need a change from the one you're in? Then come to Della Luna! We are an alliance that believes in diplomacy and domination. We'll help you soar through the round with flying colors! It's a highly active alliance, for the dedicated members. Are you interested? We have all kinds of positions open, so join today!
  3. Thanks. I'm going to extend the date to 1/31. You are only the second person that has counted. Otherwise, my opinion is going to be making the 20 hits and no one's opinion will be counted besides yours, Unknown Smurf.
  4. How's this? Not Della Luna. (It had better not be!)
  5. I think the problems are with people joining. Many noobs don't like to stay on. They create their nation and let it die. It goes inactive, and gives them a day of fun. Other people move on from this game, and don't feel like playing it. It isn't necessarily a lack of interest for everyone, but other things contribute. I once was in a hospital with a family member for 16 days. I didn't go on terribly soon beforehand or after, and almost killed my nation. So, it's hard to say.
  6. Well, I'm friends with CoS. I'll be on the black team. With allies to help us out.
  7. Hmm. Hard to say. I LOVE that song (one of the most abused songs on my iPod), but it's really pop. I would say probably not, but I count "Tie It Up", since "Don't Rush" was a 2012 release. Good question, though!
  8. Hey, everyone! Glad to see you! I am doing a survey to see what you think the best songs of 2013 in country music were! Here are the rules: 1. The hits MUST BE released in 2013. For example, "Blown Away", by Carrie Underwood, was a 2012 hit. Not eligible. (Her only eligible hit would be "See You Again".) 2. The songs must be sent to me through the Messenger system on here. 3. Submit before January 15, 2014. I don't want to be at this until the end of next year! Have fun picking out your favorites!
  9. Sounds like a good plan, bomb and King William. Glad to hear that War Doves are coming back. Samwise, 10k NS sounds like a nice goal to shoot for. And, Alex the Great...?
  10. So, who has plans for next round? I'm creating an alliance called Della Luna, who didn't know about that earlier on. Is anyone going to try something interesting and exciting for this new round?
  11. First of all, YOLO SWAG, don't read if you hate country. I want to be a country artist for a career. If you are a hater, I could care less. Don't bother me with it. Master Hakai, I think SOME stink. (FGL FGL FGL!!!) Florida Georgia Line is awful, I don't like Eric Church or Taylor Swift, don't like Scotty McCreery, I'm ok with Lee Brice to a point ("I Drive Your Truck" was abused on country radio). I'm not a die-hard Jason Aldean fan, and I'm not really that into Kenny Chesney. Otherwise, I liked the nominations. Oh, forgot Kacey Musgraves. She makes another face when Miranda Lambert gets an award, I'll reach through the TV screen and slap her!
  12. Here are the winners, my friends! Artist of the Year: Luke Bryan Male Artist of the Year: Luke Bryan Female Artist of the Year: Miranda Lambert Duo/Group of the Year: Lady Antebellum Breakthrough Artist of the Year: Scotty McCreery * New Artist of the Year: Florida Georgia Line * Album of the Year: "Based on a True Story..." Blake Shelton Single of the Year: "Cruise" Florida Georgia Line * Male Single of the Year: "Sure Be Cool If You Did" Blake Shelton Female Single of the Year: "Mama's Broken Heart" Miranda Lambert Duo/Group Single of the Year: "Downtown" Lady Antebellum * Breakthrough Single of the Year: "I Drive Your Truck" Lee Brice * New Artist Single of the Year: "Cruise" Florida Georgia Line * Vocal Collaboration Single of the Year: "Highway Don't Care" Tim McGraw feat. Taylor Swift and Keith Urban * GAC Music Video of the Year: "Sure Be Cool If You Did" Blake Shelton Male Music Video of the Year: "Sure Be Cool If You Did" Blake Shelton Female Music Video of the Year: "Blown Away" Carrie Underwood Duo/Group/Collaboration Music Video of the Year: "Highway Don't Care" Tim McGraw feat. Taylor Swift and Keith Urban * New Artist Music Video of the Year: "Cruise" Florida Georgia Line * Song of the Year: "Highway Don't Care" Tim McGraw feat. Taylor Swift and Keith Urban * Touring Artist of the Year: Luke Bryan Worldwide Artist: Taylor Swift ******************************************** Just if the Worldwide Artist thing confuses you, that wasn't a nomination thing. Look for the aterisks to see whether or not I agree. Not that my opinion matters, it just is what I think should've been changed. (You'll notice FGL's wins all stripped away! Bwah-ha-ha!) Okay. So, I put all of the aterisks near Taylor Swift's name. Sorry to the fans. It isn't the music that bothers me, it's her ego. If any of you strongly disagree, I'm more than happy to discuss it with you.
  13. Rayan Thomas, those are two good ones to know. (I don't like Taylor, but that's me.) Anyway, Carrie Underwood would be my first to look up. That's the biggest name right now, in my opinion. Look up Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan, and Miranda Lambert, too.
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