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Hooligans election results


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[center][size=2]let the coup begin[/size][/center]

[b]Grand Council[/b]

GrandMaster - [color=#a52a2a][font=comic sans ms,cursive]Prather6[/font][/color]
Master Hooligans - [color=#a52a2a][font=comic sans ms,cursive]Xanth & letub[/font][/color]

Guardian of Foreign Affairs- [color=#a52a2a][font=comic sans ms,cursive]Emmabuddie[/font][/color]
Guardian of Defense- [color=#a52a2a][font=comic sans ms,cursive]Cybeline[/font][/color]
Guardian of Internal Affairs- [color=#a52a2a][font=comic sans ms,cursive]Dan Sherratt[/font][/color]
Guardian of Education- [color=#a52a2a][font=comic sans ms,cursive]cloud19872001[/font][/color]

As always, you can find us at the following locations because we're still around:

On Coldfront at [b]#hooligans[/b]

Or our cyber home: [url="http://united.invisionzone.com"]http://united.invisionzone.com[/url]

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[quote name='SoADarthCyfe6' timestamp='1350190529' post='3041243']
Ha, and people thought it was bad with Emma in charge, just wait until Letub starts strutting around like he owns the place.

Congratulations to some pretty fricken awesome allies!

lol you would think they would have learned not to let me back in ;D

Hooligans Strong!! Hooligans United!!

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[quote][color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif] Master Hooligans - [/font][/color][color=#A52A2A][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif][font='comic sans ms', cursive]Xanth & letub[/font][/font][/color][/quote]

Best. Line up. Ever.

Hooligans :wub:

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