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Operasi Tusbol Senitel - A NEW Announcement

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[size="6"][center]OPERASI TUSBOL SENITEL[/center][/size]

[size="4"][i]Kami pejoeang-pejoeang tusbol dengan ini menjatakan perang atas antek-antek NpO,

Hal-hal mengenai pampasan perang, akan di delenggarakan dengan tjara seksama dan dalam tempoh jang sesingkat-singkatnja.

Nusantara, 7 Desember 2011.

Atas nama Nusantara,

Pejoeang Elite.[/i][/size]


[size="5"]Short Translation:

Hereby, we declaring in a state of war to:

[i]Global Democratic Alliance[/i]

P.P.S: Any alliance touching The International, we will DoW you as well..

tl;dr NEW is DoWing GDA[/size]

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Well, that's probably one of the most short lived aggressive attacks by any alliance. A shame GDA, better luck next time :>

o/ NEW

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