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  1. Charles Woodson did deserve to get ejected. Maybe suspended a game. That sort of conduct is uncalled for. But yeah, I'm hoping Rivers has another awesome year and actually makes playoffs this year. In most of my leagues, I ended up drafting Rivers, lol. I'm such a homer. But seriously, he always kinda fell my way in drafts, and it's hard to pass a good QB up in the 3rd round. Not my fault people reached for Peyton Manning (lol) or other players when they could have taken Rivers. If not Rivers, then I would have had taken Schaub.
  2. I'd say the Titans win by a lot more. The Jaguars have an awful secondary, they cut the best QB on their roster, etc. etc. Matt Hasselbeck is still alright, but nowhere near the awesomeness he was in 2005. Still decent enough to get the Titans going down the field. And I'd take Bolts over Minny. V-Jax is back! Bolt Up! (In other words, I hope frickin' Norv Turner stops being so passive and fires up the team to avoid yet another slow start) As to tonight's game, I think Green Bay really studied the Saints-Seahawks playoff game last season on to how to tear apart the Saints' D. They looked really, really bad in the first half. Green Bay had okay D, but it looked rusty as well. I kind of like shootouts though, better for fantasy stats.
  3. I have no clue where Ivan I and Ivan II are. That's why I am asking O.o

    I wonder if there is Ivan VI?...

  4. If you are wondering where Ivan IV is, where would Ivan I (Kalita) and Ivan II be?

  5. So If i am Ivan III and you are Ivan V; where is Ivan IV? *Me looks around*

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