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Announcement from the Green Protection Agency


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[center][b][color=green][size=x-large]Current Government of the Green Protection Agency[/size][/color][/b]

[color=green][u][b][size=large]Office of the Executive:[/size][/b][/u][/color]

[b]President - probablementeno[/b]
[i](Outgoing - Jerdge)[/i]

[b]Vice President - ShankusMaximus[/b]
[i](Outgoing – Jericthegreat)[/i]

[color=green][u][b][size=large]G.P.A. Cabinet:[/size][/b][/u][/color]
(Includes Office of the Executive):

[b]Minister of Internal Affairs – Dehlia[/b]
[i](Outgoing - Blitzkerig0)[/i]

[b]Minister of Defense - Jerdge[/b]
[i](Outgoing - Prime Minister Johns)[/i]

[b]Minister of Foreign Affairs - To Be Appointed[/b]
[i](Outgoing - Azure)[/i]

[b]Minister of Economics - Dy Cazaril[/b]
[i](Outgoing – nik718) [/i]

[b]Minister of Membership Compliance - To Be Appointed[/b]
[i](Outgoing – Thierra)[/i]

[color=green][u][b][size=large]Board of Directors:[/size][/b][/u][/color]
(Non-Cabinet, Elected Officials):

[b]Director of the Academy - Blitzkerig0[/b]
[i](Outgoing – Green Machine)[/i]

[b]Director of Communications - bladegolem47[/b]
[i](Outgoing - Great Dzar)[/i]

[b]Director of Recruiting - Vyndel[/b]
[i](Outgoing - probablamenteno)[/i]

[b]Director of Trade – Qxarq[/b]
[i](Outgoing - Dehlia)[/i][/center]

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I look forward to work as MoD (for greater justice etc. :) )

[quote name='Biff Webster' timestamp='1322723327' post='2857958']I'm sad to see the MoMC vacant. Is M_a_C_a still working there at least?[/quote]
M_a_C_a continues to be awesome in that department, which was also greatly reinforced during the last term. The vacancy was just the result of a silly bureaucratic issue, but it's actually going to be Thierra again.

I'll also add that during the last term Shank had replaced PmJ as MoD, and Gannicus had replaced GDz as DoC, but you don't see that documented in the OP.

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[quote name='Biff Webster' timestamp='1322723327' post='2857958']
I'm sad to see the MoMC vacant. Is M_a_C_a still working there at least?

That's what I get for not staying up 'til 1am to make appointments at the crack of update. :/ Indeed not only will Thierra serve as MoMC this term, I'll let it slip that MoMC is in particularly excellent shape at this point. I'm sure you'd be pleased. :)

And, Nitiot will be serving as Minister of Foreign Affairs this term.

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[quote name='Don Chele' timestamp='1322753032' post='2858200']
How many total terms is that for you now, prob? Also, I approve of the number whatever it is and feel strongly that it should double :P

Maybe after some more terms we can finally spell his name right :P

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