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The Pact of the Abandoned Meatshields


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[size="7"]A B C M D P[/size]
[size="6"]A B C M D P[/size]
[size="5"]A B C M D P[/size]
[size="4"]A B C M D P[/size]
[size="3"]A B C M D P[/size]
[size="2"]A B C M D P[/size]
[size="1"]A B C M D P[/size][/b][/font][/center]


Hear ye, hear ye! In the interests of this, that, and the other thing, Aurora Borealis and Colossus do hereby enter into this agreement.

Aurora Borealis and Colossus will not spai, attack, or otherwise intentionally mess each other up.

Aurora Borealis and Colossus will provide each other information with a direct bearing on the security and defense of one another, and maintain thorough and consistent contact in diplomatic and military matters.

Aurora Borealis and Colossus pledge to defend each other from unprovoked attacks, upon request of the attacked party. This commitment becomes optional if said attack was triggered by the activation of another pact.

If this treaty is found to no longer suit one or more of the heretofore mentioned parties, 48 hours' notice of cancellation shall be issued in appropriate channels.

Signed for [b]Aurora Borealis[/b]-

The Evilest Eye, [i]Triumvir[/i]
Nitroburn, [i]Triumvir[/i]
Nomdeplume, [i]Triumvir[/i]

Signed for [b]Colossus[/b]-

Bob, [i]Viceroy of Colossus[/i]
Auctor, [i]Triumvir[/i]
Elfriede Riotte, [i]Triumvir[/i]
Alfred von Schliefen, [i]Triumvir[/i]
Lemax, [i]Minister of Marks[/i]
Mayzie, [i]Minister of Shields[/i]
Coyote, [i]Minister of Talking[/i]
Petro, [i]Minister of Renovations[/i]
KaiserMilch, [i]Minister of Lessons[/i]
G[color=#FF00FF]e[/color]biv, [i]Foreign Exchange Minister of GROWLING and SCRATCHING[/i]
Baskan, [i]Minister of Pink[/i]

o/ Aurora Borealis
o/ Colossus

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[quote name='nomdeplume' timestamp='1320932997' post='2842676']
o/ Colossus

We rejoice today.


ps. Thanks, guys. You are awesome friends.

I came back from vacation to make this announcement. :awesome:

o/ AB
o/ Nomdeplume

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[quote name='Ferdinand I' timestamp='1320952082' post='2842791']
o/ and stuffs.

Glad that Colossus has managed to make some cool new friends, considering how lame and boring we are ourselves.

You, sir, are too modest, why, I even talked to one of your members today and it was a very interesting discussion on marbles. (lol) Thanks!


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