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  1. Rustikus


    Congrats to all on the peace agreement, especially to our friends in CLAWS Also, I like the sigs in this.
  2. Rustikus

    Wolves have Claws too!

    Congrats to both parties
  3. Rustikus

    A formal DoW

    Good to see you Cod. Better it doesn't hurt as much when I launch CMs as it used to do. My doctors say that green glow treatment has been working well but the concentration of the glow is going down so hopefully it will get better in next few days.
  4. Rustikus

    A formal DoW

    Sorry for the delay, but it takes some time to wake up old knights.
  5. Rustikus

    A Farewell to Arms

    Nice way to go out
  6. Rustikus

    Happy Friday the 13th

    Congrats on the merger! Good group of AAs joining forces and some that I even like. It is also good for old people like me to have fewer AAs acronyms to remember 😆
  7. Does this mean that I have to like Mogar and not nuke Black? o/ TTK o/ RIA
  8. Good to see this posted. o/ AM o/ TTK
  9. Rustikus

    TTK Government Update

    Who told you that we had elections?
  10. Now I hate Meth/Noctis even more. You have forced me to dislike NG a little bit less. NG gave you a chance to become a senator with forcing TTK to vote for you and you violated that trust. There is a reason why the AAs on Maroon have at least unified on one issue. o/ Maroon
  11. Rustikus

    Howling Knights-Treaty upgrade

    Good to see this posted. o/ AW o/ TTK
  12. Rustikus

    TTK's second peace of 2017

    Does this mean that I have to stop nuking? I guess I have to find ways to break it to my citizens that have been enjoying the green glow. Congrats to all that fought well and all the others as well. o/ TTK o/ Peace
  13. Rustikus

    Aevum Declaration of War

    So either you are bandwagoning or Oculus is not able to handle a war with 50 nation AA. I see you have pretended to have evidence of something and all I can see based on what Blackatron is saying in your exchange (after all he used Google translated version of my language) that he is just ignoring you like most people would.
  14. Rustikus

    Pastoralis Praeeminentiae

    Where did he make that clear? So far you have not shown anything to confirm that.
  15. Rustikus

    Pastoralis Praeeminentiae

    Can you inform me when TTK (so TTK gov) but not Ghost did anything against you? One member of an AA does not represent an AA but its government does. How about examples where TTK did something against a protectorate of an Oculus AA.