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Kaskus Notification

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[center][quote]Alliance Charter

I - Preamble
We set forth to bring a stable alliance that only seeks to aid its allies and members. Forever shall it be damned if it is to seek after its own, before its own people.

II. Membership
Members of Kaskus have rights that they may retain throughout their membership. These rights may only be revoked upon expulsion or voluntary leave of the alliance.

A.Prospective Members
1. To become a Prospective Member, you must register on the forums and fill out an application.
2. All prospective members are to answer the questions on the application truthfully and fully. If they refuse to, they may be removed from the alliance.
3. The Minister of Defence or the Prophet of the Internal Affairs may approve or deny you for any reason. You may plea to the directors or the President for a revision.
4. You are to stay under the AA of "Kaskus Applicant" until you are accepted, and you are not guaranteed protection until then.

B.Members Rights
1. The Right to Playing
a.All members have the right to play the game unless told otherwise by game moderation.
i.Anyone found not to have this right will be removed by the alliance.
2. The Right to Liberty
a.All members have the right to play the game as they wish within reason.
i.Any member found playing irresponsibly will be barred from being in the alliance.
3. The Right to Open Door
a.All members have the right to complaints and grievances.
i.These may be brought to a Minister or the President.
ii.Any member found bringing complaints or grievances to the public will be punished accordingly.
4. The Right to Pursuit of Happiness
a.All members have the right to seek becoming government officials.
i.No member has the right to be guarenteed becoming a government official.
ii.The president grants the ability to become a government official.
5. The Right to a Fair Trial
a.The Minister of Defence will act as the judge.
b.The Defendant may present evidence up to fourteen (14) days.
i.Unless said otherwise by a Ministers
c.The judge may then rule his verdict and decide the compensation
i.The member may appeal to another director or the President within seven(7) days.

The government holds at most nine (9) members in the alliance. These members have a vote when it comes to alliance matters, and represents the alliance as a whole.

1. The overall leader of the alliance
2. The President serves for life or until resignation
i.The President must pick a Regent who helps him/her run the alliance, and leads the alliance if he/she is away.
3.The President may be the only one to declare war unless he/she delegates it to the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

B. Regent
2.The Regent is here to ensure that all commands from the President is followed through with and completed by the Ministers.
b.May become President if President leaves or is deleted.

C. Ministers
Ministers are the of the alliance, and basically help run the alliance with the President. They have slightly less authorization than the president, and their decisions may always be overridden by the President.
a.Appointed by the President
b.Can only be replaced by the President

3. Minister of Foreign Affairs
a.In charge of Foreign Affairs
i.May create treaties and policies that may be approved by the President and the Ministers.
b.May appoint a Prophet of Foreign Affairs.

4. Minister of Internal Affairs
a.In charge of Internal Affairs
i.May moderate, recruit, and administrate members as well as create policies that may be approved by the President and the Ministers.
b.May appoint a Prophet of Finance.
c.May appoint a Prophet of Internal Affairs.

5. Minister of Defence
a.In charge of Defense
i.May organize and launch attacks based on wars set forth by the President.

C. Prophets
Appointed by Ministers, Prophets assist the alliance by running parts of the alliance. They may only be appointed or fired by their own Minister or the President.

1. Prophets of Foreign Affairs
a.The Adviser
i.Acts as an adviser for the Minister of Foreign Affairs and helps create treaties and relations with alliances.

2.Prophet of Internal Affairs
a.The Moderator
i.May act as a judge, and helps moderate problems within the alliance. The Prophet may choose whether or not to file a claim against a member.
ii.The Prophet's job is to make sure nobody is ghosting, tech raiding, or breaking any rules.

3. Prophet of Recruiting
a.The Recruiter
i.The Prophet's job is to recruit more members to the alliance and to accept or to deny membership.
b.The Educator
i.The Prophet's job is to educate newbies as well as those who need advice on how to play the game. The Prophet is free to use an academy and graduate or expel those from the academy.

4.Prophet of Finance
a.The Economic Guru
i.The Prophet's job is to set up tech deals, set up trade circles, establish aid, and help audit other members.

5.Prophet of Defence
a.The adviser
i.The Prophet's job is to advise the Minister of Defence in anyway that he can, and help assist the Minister in the job.

IV. War
A. Tech Raiding is always allowed on non-aligned alliances unless otherwise specified.
B. ANY NATION ghosting Kaskus will be asked to join, and if no compliance after three (3) days, the nation will attacked until the affiliation is removed.
C. First strike nuclear attacks are allowed.

V. Rogues
Any rogue who attacks Kaskus and Kaskus only will be marked as an enemy until another alliance clears that person.

The President is the only one who reserves the right to amend this document, and most post it on the Forums announcements as well as OWF upon approval.[/quote]


Suryanto Tan, President (Happy)

Lord Caparo, Regent (Grumpy)

Neolord, Minister (Sleepy)

Blackorchid, Minister (Doc)

Semutjoget, Member(Sneezy)

khacrutz, Member (Bashful[/center]

Channel is #kaskus =]

Edited by Lord Caparo
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A Simple Ezkonomics Treaty

Article 1
Menotah and Kaskus will follow what is written within this document.

Article 2
Menotah will do its best to protect Kaskus at all times.

Article 3
Kaskus will do its best to assist Menotah at all times.

Article 4
This cannot be cancelled if one alliance chooses not to follow the other to war.

Article 5
This will go BOOM! 48 hours after cancellation.
[/center]Signed for Kaskus,

Suryanto Tan, President (Happy)
Lord Caparo, Regent (Grumpy)
Neolord, Minister (Sleepy)
Blackorchid, Minister (Doc)
Semutjoget, Member(Sneezy)
khacrutz, Member (Bashful)

Signed for Menotah,

Joey67500, President (The guy who just agrees)
Fireblade, Premier General (LOL!)
Ezko, Vice President (the Ezkonomist himself)
Bradford, Deputy Premier (of Brains)[/quote]

We at Menotah look forward to some good times with Kaskus.

o/ Kaskus

P.S. On a side note, Menotah could afford a more aesthetically appealing font.

Edited by Joey67500
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