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Nuclear Proliferation League DoE


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On this day, June, fifth, 2011, I bring to you the existance of a new alliance, one intent on bringing new players to nuclear capable levels...we call our selves the [b][i]Nuclear Proliferation League[/i][/b].

Charter of The Nuclear Proliferation League

Table of Contents:

I. Introduction
II. Activity Policy
III. Admissions
IV. Government
V. Tech Raiding Policy

I. Introduction

The Nuclear Proliferation League is a group of nations that have gathered with the goals of achieving nuclear capabilities. Our foundations are brotherhood and loyalty.

II. Activity Policy

Being an active member is required by alliance policy. To be considered active you must check the alliance forums, and one's nation at least once a week. If one has
a planned absence, a public announcement on the forums must be made and then one will be considered excused. The major guiding rule here though, is RL > CN.

III. Admissions to NPL

Any Ruler may request admittance into the NPL by meeting the following requirements.

1. Must not be at war
2. Must not be on any Zero Infrastructure lists
3. Must provide the below information

Ruler name
Nation name
Nation link
Resource 1
Resource 2
Previous alliances
If you had a previous alliance, what was your reason for leaving?
Previous positions
Reason you joined NPL?

IV. Government

Article 1. The Triumvirate

The Triumvirate is to compose of three ruling and leading members. The Triumvirate has the power to make all decisions within the alliance, this includes declarations
of war, signing of treaties, government appointments etc; this is done by a 2/3 majority. The individual Triumvir serves a life time term and can only be removed via
a consensus between both the Remaining Triumvirs and the body of Lords. A Triumvir can also make decisions on the behalf of his or her peers but, any decision may be called to vote for. Finally in the event of an open seat on the Triumvirate, a replacement is selected by the remaining two. Additionally, this document may be amended by a 2/3 consensus.

Article 1A. Positions

There are to be three positions in the triumvirate.

Triumvir of the Interior - The Triumvir of the Interior is responsible for all internal affairs of the alliance and is responsible for leading government discussions.

Triumvir of the Exterior - The Triumvir of the Exterior is responsible for all external affairs and how they relate to the NPL.

Triumvir of Defenses - The Triumvir of Defenses is responsible for the military and finances of the NPL.

**Notice all Triumvirs have equal authority on all matters

Article 2. Lord of Internal Affairs

The Lord of Internal Affairs is responsible for membership status(including masking), Education, Information, and organization and flow of work between departments,
and any other duties assigned by the Triumvirate.

Article 3. Lord of Foreign Affairs

The Lord of Foreign Affairs is responsible for promoting a positive image for NPL in the outside world, and keeping the alliance up to date with current events.
The Lord of Foreign Affairs is the only Lord with authorization to post an announcement on the Open World Forums. Is also responsible for masking diplomats.

Article 4. Lord of Defense

The Lord of Defense is responsible for keeping NPL militarily superior to their opponents and maintaining military standards. Is to oversee nuclear programs and

Article 5. Lord of Recruitment

The Lord of Recruitment is responsible for recruiting new members to the alliance and to encourage the membership to recruit.

Article 6. Forum Administration and IRC Maintenance

The Triumvirate is to have Administration powers on the Forums and no less then SOPS on all NPL sponsored channels.

The LoIA and LoFA are to have Global Moderator and Masking powers on the forums and at least OPS on all NPL sponsored channels.

Any other member of government is to Global Moderator on the Forums and at least OPS on all NPL sponsored channels.

Article 7. Deputies

Deputies are elected by popular vote every 15 days and may work in a department of choice, at the digression of the Lord of that department and the Triumvirate.

V. Tech Raiding

You may only tech raid a target with the AA of NONE. Your CB must be: "Tech Raid, PM for Peace". You must perform two ground assaults and nothing more, and then offer peace to the target. You may not declare again until the war expires or 7 days after peace was sent to the target in the event that peace is accepted.

Failure to follow these simple rules will lead to a Compliance case and can have the following but not limited to consequences: Declared Rogue, Expelled from NPL, tech raided, or shot.





Initial Members:

Centurion Adamus
King Wally
All the wright moves
Dark Wizard
King Ares
Board of Directees
Club equator
Savmaster Jones

KemMo - Centurion Adamus - King Wally

Lord of Foreign Affairs: All the Wright Moves
Lord of Internal Affairs: Dark Wizard
Lord of Recruiting: TBD
Lord of Defenses: TBD

Forums Located at: [URL=http://z15.invisionfree.com/npl_cn]http://z15.invisionfree.com/npl_cn[/URL]
Public IRC Channel: #npl
We have a wiki page located at: [URL=http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Nuclear_Proliferation_League]http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Nuclear...feration_League[/URL]
Protection: Guru Order and Farkistan have agreed to serve as our temporary protectors for the time being.

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This is a very proud day for me... be sure to join us over in #NPL and via our forums for celebrations!

o/ NUKES!!!

o/ NPL!

o/ GO + FARK for their ongoing support!

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[quote name='King Xander the Only' timestamp='1307326880' post='2724806']
Fantastic, another RoK splinter. Any bets on how long this one survives?

Only 3 of our 20 members have ever been in RoK?

Maybe rethink that one.


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[quote name='King Wally' timestamp='1307327039' post='2724815']
Only 3 of our 20 members have ever been in RoK?

Maybe rethink that one.

I think I'll stick with it. Former RoK in trium positions pretty much guarantees that the same style of [s]stupidity[/s] thinking will carry over here.

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Can you guys do us all a favor and not exist?

You're just going to merge into someone a couple months down the line anyway. We'll just pretend we saw the two or three milestone announcements in between and call it a day.

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I have to agree with the haters, even though I :wub: you, King Wally.
See, while there are only three former RoK members... You've essentially borrowed the ideas from RoK. I mean, LoIA, LoD? Let's be a little more original here people.

Though, I sincerely wish you guys the best.

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[quote name='Lurunin' timestamp='1307328114' post='2724849']
glad to see you guys finally announce this

:nuke: here's to building the largest nukepile in CN :nuke:

also smexy flag ;)

Thanks mate and also many thanks for helping design the flag!!!

I'd like to also thank the many people over at the think-tank that helped make this possible... some joined our gov ranks... others helped with art and advice but all in all you guys made this process all that much easyer :wub:

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[quote name='Narva' timestamp='1307332578' post='2725011']
So do you guys basically help nations in your alliance get nukes quick by giving them aid? Or what?

We have a number of means to assist new nations toward their quest for Nuclear Armament... we do keep the exact details of our programs however private and in truth the nature and elements of our programs will evolve as we grow as well.

Also Kain well spotted we do indeed carry some old KoT faces as well! And thank you for the compliment as well we do try!!! :)

Edited by King Wally
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