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  1. This is a fantastic treaty! Glad to have formalized this relationship with VE. Also, hello Il Impero Romano from BigKat
  2. We are seeking to replace a lost member of our trading consortium. The circle offers Beer, Construction, and Fast Food as well as Uranium and Fish as wildcards. The new member of the circle must be on the White Team and must posssess Cattle and Fish as resources. members are active and will quickly accept your trade agreement offers. Reply here or message me ingame: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=487459
  3. Always brothers at heart...now in name officially. I am excited about our merger, good sirs (and Chax and Deebo, too).
  4. Best of luck to Viridian Entente moving forward after this difficult decision.
  5. Just saw you post in Moo Cows thread. Didn't know you were still around. How are you? -Former Bigkat of Katatonic State-

  6. He was my ally and later my enemy. I had the great pleasure of exchanging nukes with him personally as BigKat of Katatonic State. A fantastic character in-game and a great guy in life. You will be missed, sir. My prayers are with his family and friends as well as the members of NPO community as you all mourn the loss of your beloved Moo Cows.
  7. Eloquent as always, Chax. This brought a tear to my eye...
  8. Is it so hard to find one trading partner nowadays???
  9. Congratz Polaris, my second home! As always, I wish you the best.
  10. Congratz on this momentous occasion! Here is to many more
  11. Very sad. STA was always an excellent ally. I wish STA and NpO both the best.
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