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Grand Installation Issue 8

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[center][b]"The man who doesn't read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them. — Mark Twain, Freemason[/b][/center]

[b]A message on behalf of the Office of Grand Master of The Grand Lodge of Freemasons.[/b]

Hello there.

It's my pleasure to announce the new Grand Lodge Council for the April to September term. The following Brothers were elected by their brethren and will govern the Lodge on behalf of our beloved members.


The Grand Lodge has recovered nicely from the little spat the other month and continues to enjoy excellent activity and intra-alliance conduct. We look forward to the months ahead with anticipation and excitement.
We can only know the fullest joys of Masonry when we truly walk the paths of service
and of hard work in the quarries. - George E. Burow[/center][/b]

The Grand Chancellery will be conducting an eviction of unused Consulates at this time next week, which include:

[b]The Order of Light
Council for Military and Economic Assistance
Knights of Ni
The Kingdom of Italy
The Conservative Underground
The Conclave
Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics
Imperial Assault Alliance
The Legion
Mostly Harmless Alliance
New Polar Order
New Sith Order
The Prolific Empire
Random Insanity Alliance
The United Front
United Purple Nations
United Sovereign Nations[/b]

If you wish to keep your own little place in The Lodge, please come and say hello again. We'd love to hear from old and new friends alike. On a similar note, Envoy status will be removed for those not appearing during the aforementioned time period.


Grand Master
The Grand Lodge of Freemasons

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What?! I thought you guys agreed to finally ditch democracy and be a puppet government instead. I want my tequila back!

Oh yeah, congratulations to the victors. I intend to punish you all.

I kid, I kid. Just don't put NV's consulate on that list >_> I'm the worst embassy upkeep guy in CN.

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