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  1. As I delve deeper into Inheritance, I realize maybe this is better then all his previous books together :v

  2. Ahh Inheritance :) Aadil Currimbhoy landmark has stock go now nownownownonwownow

  3. Herman Cain lol, I love the fact Jon Stewart completely ripped you apart

  4. Holy effing god QPR SCORED HELL YEA :v down goes city!!!!

  5. 25 Years of Ferguson, Utd should win today, the perfect present ( A day early though :3 )

  6. I'm on at 1 on the 1st of November 2011 vowz

  7. The Indian GP might be interesting :v

  8. People should burst more crackers tbh its too quiet, THIS ISNT DIWALI :(

  9. This Diwali fails no one seems to be bursting loud enough crackers fail

  10. Chelscum lol well done QPR a victory well earned

  11. "Republicans blame job loss on the Environmental Protection Agency" Wtf they are mental :v

  12. Dominos with coke and garlic bread ahhh this is a meal :v

  13. Vowz Mumbai was kinda fun :3

  14. Welp Mumbai here I come :D BDSMUN should be okay ^_^ Cya all later :3

  15. R.I.P Steve Jobs, Hopefully Apple will live on ;)

  16. wtf 34 kills for the first time ever hell yeah ( 3 deaths btw :v )

  17. The Season Premiere of Glee Season 3 fails :(

  18. LMAO TORRES :V How big a net do you need to score without a goalie :v fail :v Another win for Manchester it seems :D

  19. Andy Whitefield died :o damn it Spartacus won't be the same anymore :3

  20. Going to sleep at 5AM does one still say good night? :3

  21. Skylar Grey :o Invisible is awesome :o

  22. Game of thrones is epic :3

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