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  1. Seems like 28th April will decide the title :v

  2. 5-0 Brilliant, I'd say this was a brilliant showing :v

  3. 3-0, Giggs brilliant every season record is kept :P

  4. Goodbye Dear Leader, this is a sad day indeed :'(

    1. Subtleknifewielder


      *raises an eyebrow* Not talking about who i think you are, I hope? :P

  5. oh crap wth city scored :(

  6. Carrick that was brilliant ~ 2-0 :v

  7. Chelsea finally scored lmao

  8. School is over :D :D ah this one month vacation seems to be much needed :v

  9. Timeline is the !@#$, FACEBOOK STALKERS UNITE!

  10. Sleep, my bed calls me for sleep!

  11. Crap Utd 1 - 2 Basel this sucks, time to win the Europa League :3

  12. Kapil Sibal do you like this? Wait I don't like you :v

  13. I need a MUN damn it, its been to freaking long

  14. Exams done time to gaaaame :D MW3 I shall enjoy thee

  15. Ahhh 4:25 AM why am I still up at such ungodly hours :o

  16. The Utd Winter Tour 2011 has reached Villa, enjoy defeat Villa B)

  17. Ah good to see our judiciary alive and working, good to see bail :v

  18. Ah well screw the refs all of em well played Newcastle you folks defended well the last 20 mins specially Krul

  19. MAIM KILL BURN the unemployed should solve all the unemployment problems, meh

  20. Ahh well done Liverpool (y)

  21. Inheritance is by far my favourite book ever, I shall miss this series if he doesn't continue it :'( Ahhh

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