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  1. White Collar, Best SHOW EVER

  2. I don't think he is saying that he doesn't want to support an ally, but why an alliance support an ally's ally ? Which is why only then is the treaty considered a Non-Chaining. If a direct ally is attacked then it still is a MD. That's my opinion as to why non-chaining is needed also I do hope interpreted AlterEgo's post correctly.
  3. "No Uncle, I'm going to be like you, a real RocknRolla" !@#$ that is one epic movie much better then Sherlock Holmes haha

  4. The King's Speech is by far the best movie I've ever watched. I must say it completely blew me away :o

  5. Guess our foreign policy works
  6. He called DT filthy liars because the peace terms were off the table the moment you accepted. I responded by saying then don't walk out of peace talks with the intent of refusing it and then blame DT for taking it off the table.
  7. Not what I meant at all but okay.
  8. Don't walk out on peace talks when an offer is given with no notice and the intent of refusing it then
  9. I believe the terms were withdrawn the moment Goose left the talks with the intent of refusing it. Really it's not that hard to comprehend.
  10. I just realized Europe isn't all that big :o

  11. Sir Keshav IV

    So Duckroll...

    Nah Rihanna was hotter, Megan Fox isn't all that hot anymore Curzon D:
  12. Why do I have this urge to buy a DS and play Pokemon Platinum on it? URGH

  13. Dominoes again tonight YESSSSSSSSSSSs

  14. Just bought Europa Universalis III: Heir to the throne, I hope it's worth the money imo

  15. Diplomacy at 1 AM ain't worth it :3

  16. 3 lessons down 7 to go :v

  17. Watching Star Wars IV for the millionth time, It seems this series never gets old

  18. Another 3 months before I can forget about doing Maths/ Science I, and Science II . Cannot wait :3 ( Hopefully French too )

  19. Utd 1 - 0 Liverpool. SCREW YOU LIVERPOOL :3

  20. Stupid IPL season or whatever, They should just stop that stupid league

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