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Joint iFOK/CMEA/R&R/USN announcement

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Today i have the pleasure to announce the immediate cessation of hostilities between the alliances of iFOK/CMEA/R&R and USN.

USN fought hard in defense of their allies NpO, but all good things must come to an end.

USN has accepted the following surrender terms:

1) USN admits defeat and surrenders to the combined forces of iFOK, R&R and CMEA
2) USN agrees to not re-enter the current global conflict on any front (NpO-VE or NPO-Doomhouse)
3) USN gov shall display the R&Rmy jeep in their OWF sig for the duration of 1 week

We want to thank everyone for keeping this war clean and fun.


[b]For USN:[/b]

[u]Admin Council[/u]

[u]High Council[/u]
Security General: Borimir Resurrected
Minister of Recruitment: Rylejed
Minister of Internal Affairs: Vladisvok Destino
Minister of Economics: ninia22

[b]For iFOK:[/b]
arexes, triumvir
Gofastleft, triumvir
MikeTheFirst, triumvir

[b]For CMEA:[/b]
NobleSix, triumvir
DemonSpawn, triumvir
VG, triumvir

[b]For R&R:[/b]
EgoFreaky, President
LincolnC, Vice President

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I had a great time fighting you guys, it was a blast.
I will enjoy rebuilding from the nukes I ate.

o/ USN
o/ iFOK
o/ R&R

Also the jeep is amazing, to hell with it only being gov, I'm sigging it too.

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o/ CMEA Great allies :wub:
o/ R&R Great Friends :wub:
o/ USN Great opponents :wub:

This is what war is about, great allies, great friends, great opponents, and when it's all over you shake hands and have a beer together.

USN I should warn you that the R&R jeep picture has evil abilities, better be careful.

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