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  1. Really sad to see two friends part ways. Best of luck moving forward everyone.
  2. Best of luck everyone, I'm sure we'll see you all around.
  3. Congratulations on Retirement! Look forward to seeing you around.
  4. Welcome to the 8 years old club! o/
  5. Or, you know, we like each other. Horrifying thought, huh?
  6. Hah, let us know if you make any progress, we sure haven't :v:
  7. Read our charter, we're very much still a democracy.
  8. A Public Service Announcement from the United Sovereign Nations (USN) Today we had our 8th birthday! It truly has been a wonderful eight years, we look forward to many more! Coincidentally, we also reached 1 million NS on the say day. Yeah, we're still around. Aliens? Probably. Thus concludes this public service announcement. Signed, Cora, Queen Noreen, Prime Minister Give Me Water, Security General Rylejed, Minister of Internal Affairs President Jonathan, Minister of Foreign Affairs Plato33, Minsiter of Economics
  9. I agree totally. And Chax, I hate to fight with you on technicalities and the past, but when you are straight up wrong that UCN and BFF were "totally different", I'm going to call you out. Read thedon's post above: "Rather than telling the alliance 'hey, we disbanded, go get absorbed by INT' (without consulting the alliance, might I add; I was still a member of BFF when that happened, and found out about it via the forum post)." Yes, that is very similar to UCN, and you can't deny that fact at all. Good luck and I hope third time's the charm.
  10. You have difficulties, AA explodes from within, said AA is "disbanded," you form another alliance. Yea, it's pretty similar. And at the very least, the two situations have a common denominator. Oooo, good one.
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