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An ICB/ASU Announcement


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[center][size=5][font="Palatino Linotype"]An ICB/ASU Announcement:
Declaration of Reformation[/font][/size][/center]

[center]On July 3rd, 2009, The Incorporated City-States of Brengstklau came into existence. Since that
time, we have seen many highs and lows, from prosperity to war, from growth to betrayal, and most
importantly, strangers to respected comrades.

Along the way from our declaration of existence, we lost sight of our goals. We became content with our
situation; with boredom and time wearing out our ambitions. We were happy with remaining small and
obscure. We became isolated, and introverted. Recruitment stopped, and time wore away at us like wind on
rock, until only a loyal core of members remained.

I believe I can speak for many of us here when I say we enjoyed our time within Brengstklau. But now, it
is time to move on.

With slacking interest and failing activity, we have decided to start fresh under a new name, a new theme,
and a new charter, amongst other things. Let this new life and new beginning ignite our ambitions and
interests again.

Just as how a sunset precedes every sunrise, Brengstklau’s dissolution precedes the rise of the Atlantic
Sphere Union. We present to the world a sunset on the [i]Oder[/i], and a sunrise on the [i]Atlantic[/i].[/center]

[center][size=6][font="Arial Black"]The Charter of The Atlantic Sphere Union[/font][/size]


[center][size=5][font="Arial Black"]Preamble[/font][/size]
For the Growth and Establishment of the Atlantic Sphere Union and her Members,
we hereby set forth this Charter to be the Basis and Foundation from which
Strength can be derived, and Weakness removed.

[size=5][font="Arial Black"]Article I: Admittance[/size][/font]
For a nation to gain admittance into the Atlantic Sphere Union, they must fill out
the proper forms and meet the standard set qualifications given to all applicants
without exception. Membership with any other alliance is forbidden. A nation may
be denied for any or no reason.

[size=5][font="Arial Black"]Article II: Expulsion[/size][/font]
A member may be expelled by the President or by the membership in a vote if
seventy-five percent majority in favor is reached. A President’s Expulsion Order
may be overridden if the membership votes seventy-five percent in opposition.
The membership votes in opposition only when the exiled requests it.

[size=5][font="Arial Black"]Article III: Government Structure[/size][/font]

[size=4][font="Arial Black"]Section A: The President[/size][/font]
The President leads the Atlantic Sphere Union. He has the power to do anything
unless specifically stated otherwise in binding government documents. The
President is bound by no term length or limit. He assumes power by the
appointment and resignation of his predecessor of similar status.

[size=4][font="Arial Black"]Section B: The Appointed[/size][/font]
The President may appoint subordinates to carry out his responsibilities and tasks.
The power of the President may be delegated as much and as to as many
subordinates as the President wishes. Removal of subordinates by the President
may be made on a whim without any reason.

[size=5][font="Arial Black"]Article IV. Pledge of Representation[/size][/font]
The Atlantic Sphere Union formally states here her intention and wish to form a
representative body for her membership. This body will limit the President’s power,
and will be formed on an unset date in the future when requirements such as a
sufficient member count is reached.

[size=5][font="Arial Black"]Article V: Amendments and Additions[/font][/size]
Amendments and Additions to this Charter may be made at the discretion of the
President, with the sixty percent majority approval of all government that is
currently serving, or have served within the last thirty days.

The alliance affiliation of Brengstklau will be protected indefinitely, for the purpose of guarding our membership
as they make the transition over, and to hold on to our heritage. Additionally, recruitment messages will not be tolerated.

Our IRC channel is located here: #cn-asu
Feel free to stop by.

Lastly, our forums are located here: http://cn-asu.forumotion.com/forum.htm
We welcome any potential diplomats or ambassadors on our forums.[/center]

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