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Fall UnÞänkbar

Kaiser Martens

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It happened fast, in the dead of the night and out of the blue.

A massive flood of North German Soldiers, IFVs, APCs, MBTs and more poured over the Southern Border uncontrollably in a surprise attack, numbering at well over eighty divisions, all equipped with the latest Einherjar Armor and the Wodan MBTs. There had been no declaration of war at first, and the attacking divisions had been instructed to be followed by the Aircraft, to try and overrun the country before it can react by moving the troops which guard its Eastern borders to the North. Additionally, paradroppers were deployed well ahead of the enemies from modified, stealthy carriers.

Only hours later, Chancellor Martens would state to the world: "We have declared war on South Germany, after discovering their plans for the destruction of our entire country once unimpeeded by our Eastern Neighbors and Middle-Eastern allies. We have decided that enough is enough, that we will not be pushed around, and will fight on until the enemy inconditionally surrenders."

It was somewhat of an Operation Barbarossa in its way, striking a much stronger Communist nation, placing the betted chips on the fact that it was expected to have most of its forces surprised as well as elsewhere. Martens hoped to inflict enough of a crushing Blitzkrieg victory before they could recover, and so cause for his allies in the east and south to help finish the job, fueled by the Northern Victories.

General Tambarskjelve and Martens the Elder were leading the two Army Groups ment to take over the whole of the Southern land. Farther away, nuclear missiles and other ICBMs, as well as CMs, were ready to act.

[i]"We must break you!"[/i]

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The attack was a suprise. More than that, the GDR's borders to the north were completely undermannedand underarmed, leadership not having expected an attack from there. Most forces were in the east or south, at the Slavic and Italian borders.
It was thus that the North Germans had next to no problem simply overrunning their souther counterparts, many of which just laid down their weapons, seeing the futility.

The way into Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg was practically free of troops, while in the east, forces were scrambling to get into whatever transport they could to get to the front.

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The Chancellor remained somewhere far away, with his finger over the red button...

And the divisions advanced, liberating town after town quickly, and then a city. The garrisons couldn't hold, and a few of them, even seemed to defect to the North German side. The Army Groups now split, Army Group Martens heading for Munich, Army Groum Tambarskjelve heading for Wien. The MBTs and IFVs race ahead of the rest of the troops to try to surprise the enemy further.

It seemed that something had disrupted the GDR systems, as well...computer attacks, jamming and disrupting their systems, made them unable to wholly, readily react to the Northern onslaught on the word go. They were aiming to reach their Industrial Centers, to destroy them so as not to allow them to potentially recapture them: That would win the war.

"Heja Nordland! Kill the Reds!"

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"Premier, they're simply walzing over our forces. Our border fortifications have been overrun by the quick strike and we don't have reinforcements anywhere near."
"You must act now!"
"Gentlemen, I know what must be done."

The Premier stood up, walking over to a console, quickly typing a few things there. The desk in the middle of the room changed from a holographic display of the GDR into one of both the GDR and North Germany.
"I won't regret this day."

In several locations, massive reinforced titanium-steel doors opened, each thick enough to withstand anything short of a nuclear blast.
They opened to reveal the tell-tale shapes of intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Twenty such missiles launched over the next moments, their launches arranged so they would all arrive at their respective targets at the same time.

Meanwhile, the bulk of the German Democrat forces were on the way to the front, but they might arrive too late for Bavaria, and Munich.

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And so they would arrive too late. The territories are captured, already half of their Germany overrun, they're confident of victory...Munich is fallen! The troops themselves see the nuclear missiles travelling to the North. Soon, the own German Nukes are deployed against the mobilizing Southern troops and their capital city, Wien, to obliterate it. The SDIs on both sides do not seem to function, and finally the advancing and defending lines meet just at the borders of the ancient Austria, where fighting is about to break out.

However, something happens. The ICBMS were massive fireworks, instead of nukes.


[u]German Reunification Document[/u]


Northern Germany (Volksreich Deutschland) and Southern Germany (GDR) officially agree that the current political and social situation in which Germany divided is prejudicial for the Fatherland in the long run, and in the best interest of Germans, Nordlanders and the rest of the population and ethnicities Germany should unite to form one single state.

The Reunification process will begin immediately after signing this document.

The Government:

The Leadership will consist of a representative for the North and for the South with equal power and then an array of specialists in many different areas: From medicine to social studies, from military to culture, and these will form a parliament. The Leadership will be required to listen to the opinion of the experts when treading on their fields, and will only be truly able to act as dictators when a situation of national emergency takes place, most commonly, war.

The means of becoming part of the government are available to all, but are not democratic, instead meritocratic. The Government can be thought of as being organized similarily to an army, in which those who do their job well are promoted over time and eventually may be chosen by superiors or peers to be a part of the ruling council or team of specialists.

The Treaties:

All previous treaties are considered to carry over to the new state unless if the non-german members wish to cancel them. New treaties require the acceptance of both Leaders. Likewise, activating treaties (war declarations) requires their agreement.

The Autonomy:

Both countries remain in matters of inner affairs autonomous, so as to be able to have their own organization, social, cultural and any other kind of policies unless if they affect FA or Military, which must always be absolutely unified. It would be as if North and South were the two great-länder which form the Nation, with further divisions within.
If new territories are added, it will be decided if they fall into North or South jurisdiction.

The Symbollism:

The official name will be: Vereinigte Deutsche Länder (United German Lands), and the inofficial name will be simply Germany/Deutschland.

The official flag will be: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v284/Lynneth_del_Serpentas/AE/CNRP/Bayern/GDR/German.png

There will be no official religion, but all will be able to do as they please.

The two mandatory languages will be: High German and Nordlandic.
Other languages or dialects may be spoken and taught at schools where seen fit by the locals.

The capital city will be Berlin.


[u]Signed for the German Democratic Republic,[/u]
[i]Alexeij Vladimirovich Obama[/i]

[i]Signed for Volksreich Deutschland,
Kanzler Dierik Magnhildsson Martens von Deutschland und Nordland
Ratified by the Althing and the Generalstab[/i]

"Deutschland Über Alles!"

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The U.S. President is interrupted at the Global Peace summit by his aids, "Sir, we're getting launch detections out the wazoo in Europe." Everyone in Washington D.C. is prompted to scramble into bunkers.

A few minutes later.. "Sir, we're not registering any impacts and the Germans have made a statement."

The world likely proceeded to face-palm.

Later Caudill issued a statement, "While we congratulate the German Government on its newly achieved unification. We do request some kind of warning next time before such displays. YOU INTERRUPTED OUR BARBECUES ON THE NATIONAL LAWN!" It was the only thing Caudill could bring him to say in his frustration.

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The Republic of Finland would offer our congratulations, but it seems out foreign affairs staff has fainted, most likely from hearing about missile launches. OTH radar stations have requested fresh loads of pants.

Somewhere in the world, Uberstein laughs and writes a letter to the combined leadership, "Good show, truly the way to do it."

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The Kingdom of Cochin congratulates United German Lands for achieving the unification.

*** Private ***

"Now that was a tense one. Especially the ballistic missiles being launched," Gen. Mahesh Varma said.
"Highly irresponsible especially in the current geopolitical situation and considering the massively green gooish history of Europe, which has had more nuclear detonations than Beerfests," KP Varma said.
"Say what may, these Krauts definitely carried it off with panache, and Kumar Uncle, yeah, they made a fool of all of us. Dont worry, only we in the Durbar here saw our silliness. Outwardly we can act with sagacity and claim we never panicked," His Highness Kerala Varma, the King of Cochin said.

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We congratulate you on your reunification. We would like to invite the newly reunited Germany to discuss an economic and non-aggression agreement. We are eager to increase trade with the World's most powerful economy.

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"Holy sh--I got multiple launches detected in Europe--wait, no impacts registered."


"Try to find a method that doesn't require me to interrupt an important meeting next time. Other than that...I personally congratulate the Germans on ending their long-standing rivalry and achieving unification."

HRH Hannah Asgeirsson

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The sun was bright, ever so bright in France and long had Therese Zelle looked at the east looked at a Germany divided and turned away in sadness. They had been her friends, her countrymen, the sins of both pasts French and German forgotten in the form of new bonds, friendships and love. This was...one of the great days.

[i][b]To: The Heads of State of the New Germany
From: HIH Therese I, Empress of France[/b][/i]

[i]Your Excellencies,

I realize that I am not the first, nor will I be the last to congratulate you on such a monumental event. France's own unification surely could not have been more specular (and so inherently fearful as well). I am sure that this new united nation will stand the test of time, North Germany's solitude and will with South Germany's strength and wisdom will be a match that no single nation in the world would ever, ever oppose. Of course I would love to talk about our relations at a date, but more importantly, I would love for your leaders to come to Versailles to join me, join me for a feast that I do believe only a German could enjoy and let this French Girl and Two German adventurers party until the eyes roll in the back of our heads. I think after that is the best time to talk treaties.

Once again, congratulations, good luck, and may whichever deity you worship, bless.


Therese Zelle[/i]
[b]Empress of France[/b]

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