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Imperium Hominis Announcement

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[center][size="6"]Announcement from the Imperium Hominis[/size]


[i]Light your way in the darkness with the pyres of burning heretics[/i][/center]

Greetings heretics, mutants, and aliens

It is my pleasure to announce the existence of the Imperium Hominis. We, at the Imperium are dedicated to the growth and protection of our members, the promotion of teamwork and the creation of a loyal community. We are very much a meritocracy and are always are looking for dedicated members to contribute their time and ideas.

We invite everyone to come and visit us. You can find our forums here: http://z7.invisionfree.com/Imperium_Hominis/index.php and our IRC channel on Coldfront is #ImperiumHominis

The Emperor protects!

Hetman Vladislav, God-Emperor of Mankind
Nathan Vatz, High Inquisitor
Kryostat, Internal Affairs Staff


[b]Charter of the Imperium Hominis[/b]

We, the nations of the Imperium Hominis, hereby referred to as The Imperium are dedicated to the protection and growth of our membership. With the acknowledgment of these responsibilities, the Imperium accepts this charter as the sole body for the guidance of the Imperium.

Section 1: ADMISSION

The Imperium has an open admission policy. All prospective members must make an application. Nations that are currently at war or are on another alliance's ZI list will be turned away. We are a maroon alliance and encourage all applicants to change their team color to maroon. Once accepted you will become a recruit. Recruits must complete the Schola Progenium in order to become full Imperial Citizens.


2 a) The God-Emperor of Mankind

The God-Emperor is the leader of the Imperium and makes all decisions pertaining to the alliance. The God-Emperor is above all law and his orders are to be followed by all members.

2 b) The High Lords of Terra

The High Lords of Terra are appointed by the God-Emperor of Mankind and can be removed if they fail to complete their duties. Each High Lord is responsible for their own area in the Imperium. Each High Lord will choose and maintain his/her own staff to assist them in their work. They act as advisers to the God-Emperor.

Lord Commander Militant - Defense
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Foreign Affairs
High Inquisitor - Internal Affairs
Master of the Administratum - Finance
Ecclesiarch - Education
High Recruiter - Recruitment

Section 3: WARFARE

3 a) Unauthorized Wars and Tech Raiding

No member is allowed to declare war without authorization from Imperial High Command. Unauthorized wars will be dealt with severely and swiftly. We do not tolerate tech raiding from our members or on our members.

3 b) Compulsory Military Service

During wartime, all members are expected to fight. Exceptions can be made, because of real-life issues. Any Member who refuses to fight or leave during times of war will be branded as a traitor and deserter and will be consequently shot.

3 c) The Use of Nuclear Weapons

Nukes are not to be fired, unless designated by Imperial High Command. Proper instructions will be given ahead of time.


Amendments can be brought up by any member and a referendum will be held. In order for the amendment to be passed, the amendment must be supported by 66% + 1 of the members. The God-Emperor may refuse changes or make amendments without a vote.[/quote]

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By holy decree of Goose, may He live forever, we hereby extend ourselves to the faithful of The Imperium Hominis.
[quote][center]Confederation Of Awesome Protectorates

The undersigned alliances do hereby ratify this treaty, recognizing friendship and seeking to promote camaraderie, growth, and safety.


It is recognized that each member alliance retains their sovereignty over everything not explicitly limited within this treaty. Though friendship, discussion, and advice shall be sought and given freely in all areas, each alliance shall retain their sovereignty.

Mutual Peace and Friendship

Signatories of this pact shall refrain from open conflict be it verbal or physical with the other signatories. All issues shall be solved via diplomacy and war shall not be made directly against another signatory, nor shall a signatory intentionally aid a known enemy of another signatory.


Should one signatory come under attack, the other signatories are encouraged to aid them by any means available, excepting The Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations, whom shall aid the alliance with their full military and financial support.


Any signatory instituting an offensive war shall discuss the issue with The Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations at least 48 hours prior. During which time, diplomatic solutions will be sought and the situation shall be discussed thoroughly. The other signatories, though not required to assist, are encouraged to help in any manner they deem necessary.


The signatories of this pact shall work together to promote growth amongst eachother where mutually beneficial. The Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations shall promote the growth of each other signatory as best they can, and as requested by the other signatories.


Signatories of this bloc shall discuss the potential signing of a new treaty with The Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations and obtain their approval before signing any new treaties.

Superiority Clause

Should treaties amongst the signatories ever come into conflict, the non-aggression clauses of this treaty shall supersede any other treaties.


Any alliance seeking a protectorate from The Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations may apply for admission. The Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations, after consulting with the other members will decide upon entrance.


Any minor signatory of this pact may withdraw from it providing 48 hours of notice to the other signatories during which the clauses are to be adhered. The Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations may remove any signatory that is deemed to not be living up to this agreement in actuality or in spirit. Such removals will have a 48 hour period during which the signatory to be removed shall maintain membership within the treaty. If any signatory is found to be in severe breach of this treaty they will be removed immediately with no extension of adherence to any of the terms is required.

Signed henceforth for the Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations,
Goose, Head of State, Warmonger of GUARD, Hater of Huggles, and Old Man with a Cane
Arouet, Deputy Head of State, Goose's Maligned Conscience, Eagle, Preacher of the Word of the Bird
Captain Impavid, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Warmonger's Warmonger, Generalissimo of the Maroon Spanking Brigade, Cyborg Pinata
WickedJ, Minister of Defense, Tech Whore of the Nations, Owner of a Useless Mind, and Kicker of you on IRC...
Lord Brendan, Director of Education, Corsair of the Commonwealth, the Viridian Entente and Cannoning !@#$%*
montypython, Director of Finance, Receiver of sammiches

Signed henceforth for the Eagle Nebula,
General Sonlar - Pillar
BKuz712 - Pillar
lenard124578 - Pillar
hhawk - Nebulan Counselor

Signed henceforth for Imperium Hominis
Hetman Vladislav, God-Emperor
Nathan Vatz, High Inquisitor
Kryostat, Internal Affairs Staff[/quote][/center]

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[quote name='KagetheSecond' date='11 April 2010 - 02:36 PM' timestamp='1271014585' post='2256512']
Congrats, but isn't there already an Imperium of Man alliance? :P

Yah, you could say that...

Imperium themed anyway,


Edited by Synesi
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