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  1. FEB and ConC have gone a long way since where we first started. I am glad to see this.
  2. I'm glad to see our buddies in AcTi are moving onto a distinctive path. I hope to see great things. o/ AcTi
  3. We do throw some nice parties, visit us in #theconclave !
  4. We welcome our new brothers with open arms \o/
  5. Omg, Diomede o.O Good luck Argent, ConC will be coming to the coup...i mean party.
  6. Go get em TPC, show them what you are made of!
  7. I am glad to see you guys join our ranks, a big welcome to my new brothers.
  8. Congrats to my friends over in Meta!
  9. I would be interested to hear about that story, CN wiki and old posts only go so far
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