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  1. [quote name='Dexomega' timestamp='1294121167' post='2562780'] Who are you? I don't know you, thus you can't dictate my decisions. It seems all you forget that charters allow you to impeach Tribunes. Use it if you want, I'd have stepped down. [/quote] Im not dictating your decisions, and i didnt have any reason to force you out, you spoke your mind, i said if i get one no vote then fine its done with the no vote wins, im not going to go against my word.
  2. [quote name='Dexomega' timestamp='1294118399' post='2562752'] It seems you beat us to the DoH, gratz. [/quote] Your welcome, we felt that sitting around was not going to do us any good, so we figured out with a Bang, you guys were going to declare anyways so it didnt matter. However my question is this, Why couldnt you show this same backbone and a growth of balls against GOONS, if UPN had fought it out with GOONS you know all of this could have been avoided.
  3. [quote name='Lord Levistus' timestamp='1294114740' post='2562680'] We gave you idiots a chance for a clean slate. A chance to start over and maybe not just do what everyone said you'd do. Guess that was just too much to expect of you. [/quote] Lol that is too funny because if i recall correctly we were still getting trolled and hated and the slate remained dirty so it wouldnt matter anyways.
  4. [quote name='Duncan King' timestamp='1294113047' post='2562651'] I don't see how this will help things. 1. Pegasus leaves UPN. 2. UPN is unhappy. 3. Peggy Sue still hosts UPN's boards. [i][size="9"]3.5 Does Peggy Sue tell UPN to move their boards? I host forums for alliances I'm not in and would still host them if I were to leave this world. If something happened and I had to take them down, I'd give the residents warning.[/size][/i] 4. Peggy Sue takes down UPN's boards and posts an NSFW splash page where they used to be. 5. A trium of UPN leaves UPN and goes rogue on Pegasus. 6. Two members of Pegasus government leave Pegasus and go rogue on UPN. Looks to me like both parties need to cool off and think here. Pegasus did not leave amicably as they would not have left if they were happy in UPN. Therefore it's understandable for them to be upset at UPN. UPN are dealing with the turmoil that comes with a new charter, a splintered community (from Pegasus leaving) and now new forums; therefore, it's understandable for UPN to be mad at Pegasus. You guys need to accept that you're both right and both wrong and work for a solution. What Peggy Sue did to UPN's boards was unacceptable but that shouldn't necessarily mean that Pegasus should pay for what she did. And based on what my alliance experienced with UPN and DRAGON and my own experiences with NATO/Zenith and NATO/Olympus, I think it's likely that UPN hasn't been totally blameless either. [ooc]I've actually had training in mediation as a part of my legal studies, if you'd like help mediating, I'm happy to volunteer.[/ooc] [/quote] To give you the answer to 3.5, Yes Peggy told UPN on Dec 16th that then need to move their forums.
  5. [quote name='abdur' timestamp='1293639086' post='2557349'] The true success of an alliance can only be determined by its members, not some OWF poll. [/quote] This is spoken as truth, its the success of the alliance by the way of its members and values rather then OWF ideas and hate.
  6. [quote name='Believland' timestamp='1292986334' post='2549084'] [IMG]http://i54.tinypic.com/2qb7kw8.png[/IMG] Couldn't resist [/quote] I lol at that one. EDIT: HHAYD i love that sig, where did you find it and can i copy it, i have a photoshop program and would like to edit that.
  7. [quote name='Fyfe XIV' timestamp='1292795582' post='2544920'] Wait... what? Make me This [s]will[/s] won't end well. [/quote] lol i was talking about Kev because he was former UPN who decided that trolling upn would get him OWF points but it did not sadly now
  8. [quote name='Kevanovia' timestamp='1292795238' post='2544900'] I'm disappointed in you guys. You couldn't handle the heat of being in a poorly labeled alliance, and bailed. tsk tsk I hope the hate carries over to this new alliance. I was pullin for UPN, this is a shame. [/quote] Troll should go away before i beat troll stupid
  9. [IMG]http://i1217.photobucket.com/albums/dd393/N_Mueller/pegasuscopy.jpg[/IMG] CHARTER OF PEGASUS [b]SECTION 1: MEMBERSHIP[/b] 1. All nations wishing to join Pegasus must be wearing the Pegasus applicant Alliance Affiliation. Each Recruit must go through the academy and exam before becoming a full time member and being allowed to vote, run, or work in this alliance. 2. All members have the right to vote, run, and work in this alliance once they are a full member. A majority vote of the cabinet can take one or many of these rights away from someone. 3. All members have the right to free speech, expression and their own beliefs and idea. These rights can not be taken away from the members. 4. Any one found violating any rules or taking rights (subsection 3 rights) away from others will and can be removed from this alliance or put on probation losing all their rights. This event is to be voted on by the cabinet with a majority vote win. [b] SECTION 2: CABINET[/b] 1. Zeus: This is a life long position. This is appointed by majority vote of the rest of the cabinet. This person is the highest in the alliance. They are in charge of making cabinet announcements and overseeing elections. 2. Perseus: This person oversees the ministers and ensures they are doing a good job. This person is appointed by Zeus. In the event Zeus is inactive for a long period of time then Perseus takes over until they return. This is a life long position. 3. Emperors: These 3 people are the voice of the members. They represent the member’s decisions, wants, and opinions in the cabinet. These people are appointed by the rest of the cabinet by majority vote. This is a life long position. 4. MINISTERS: Each minister is head of there department. These people are elected. It is a life position. Each minister may have a deputy minister. 5. Minister of Internal affairs (Hades): This person is in charge of the academy and new recruits, and member messaging. 6. Minister of Foreign Affairs (Athena): This person is in charge of Treaties, blocs, and diplomats. 7. Minister of Defense (Ares): This person is in charge of Warfare and defense. 8. Minister of Finance (Plutus): This person is in charge of all alliance aid and money programs. 9. Minister of Commerce (Hermes): This person is in charge of trades and tech deals. 10. CABINET DUTIES: The cabinet is responsible for voting on laws and amendments. They can also create new offices, sign treaties, declare war, peace out war, and impeach anyone with a majority vote. [b]SECTION 3: LAWS AND AMENDMENTS:[/b] 1. LAWS: Laws are the rules and procedures our alliance follows. Laws are passed by the majority vote of the cabinet. 2. AMENDMENTS: Amendments consist of new government structure, new offices, new rights, or new extremely important laws. Amendments are passed by unanimous vote of the cabinet. 3. PROPOSAL: Any member may propose a law, or amendment. But they must be pushed up to the voting floor by someone capable to vote on them. All bills and amendments are public to the alliance before being passed unless a cabinet member says so otherwise. [b] Signed in the gaze of Zeus on Mount Olympus:[/b] Founders: WARLORD44,Canfor25,Irule777 Zeus: BigSlick Perseus:Peggy_Sue Emperors:WARLORD44, Canfor25, Solomon Hades:Temp Irule777 Athena: Irule777 Ares:Xr1 Plutus:Madmike Hermes:Exde Our Public Irc channel is #cnpegasus Our fourms are http://cnpegasus.info/forum/index.php Protected by Pegasus Bloc Now for your enjoyment http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvaRssELyuA
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