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Official LoSS Announcement

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So, people know LOSS resides on the black sphere. Its nice and dark over here and that is just the way we like it. It really helps when we come off weekend benders and all we want to do is sleep. We don't have to worry about jacking with the the curtains to keep light out, because....its black outside. Just how we like it. Now, recently there has been this dim green hue peeping through the windows, apparently from all the Nukes going off in the world. The greenish hue has not been too bad because its not that bright. We can settle with that.

What we can't settle for is when some moron comes up in our street, posts up and starts firing their guns off like a jackass at our black sphere friends in Sparta and making all kinds of noise while we are trying to sleep. To make matters worse they have to go and be white, bright, and full of light. We can't have that in our own neighborhood. We like it dark here and The Order of Light has come around being full of....well...Light.

So LoSS, along with our friends in Nemesis, set forward to put out the light that keeps us from sleeping our hangover off peacefully.

(LOSS is activating the optional Defense clause of the NOIR treaty with Sparta and the optional Aggression Clause with our Black in black treaty with Nemesis..............TOOL gets to suffer the consequences)


The Triums
Co God Ben

The MoD
Desert Ratz

The Senate
Who cares right?

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[quote name='bigwoody' date='03 February 2010 - 11:53 PM' timestamp='1265262825' post='2158255']

Swingin' a chain...

Guess TOOL was pounding Sparta even harder than I thought.

I just can't wait until they come in here saying that isn't true :P

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[quote name='memoryproblems' date='03 February 2010 - 09:55 PM' timestamp='1265262954' post='2158270']
just about the time you think the bandwagon is running out of room...

Activating optional clauses? As if this war wasn't lopsided enough already. Not like LoSS makes [s]much[/s] any difference but still.

its a better reason then what this war began with in the first place amirite?

plus, <3 Nemesis

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