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TMF Flag-Making Competition


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The Moralist Front already has a flag of the dopest quality, but I'd like to see what you can do. There are no parameters. Prize to the winner is $6 million or 200 tech. If that's not enough, we'll toss more in. Go.

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I would make one, but I don't like you.

You're otherwise too busy being annoying to handle a big job like this.

Do you want a real flag as outlined by vexillology or one of these signature like things people here call flags?

The vexillology one.

How would you feel about a large picture of biggie smalls? It would fit well with your alliance theme/persona.

I'm not sure I understand but I'd be happy to hear an explanation.

How about some Spanish lessons instead?

Oh you.

Seipher and Cylon, those are both awesome.

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I have no idea what you're looking for, so i just kinda drew stuff for an hour and this is what I got.

Kinda a concept thing. Symbolic of different choices in every direction.


Basic flag with angel and demon in the middle.


And the war flag.


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