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  1. I feel like the last two wars has made my population very happy contrary to the reported statistics.
  2. Rey came up with this first, congrats on that.
  3. Because MS Paint and GIMP doesn't work on my laptop for some reason. :mellow: (at least it's self-explanatory...)
  4. I'll quote this at the most inopportune times.
  5. BAW BAW BAW serious, your arguments are awful. insert someone else in this guys place please.
  6. Please don't use my words. That will be all.
  7. oh dear goodness, who said anything about wanting to be powerful, the action is in the lower tiers anyway. We'll have fun CONTINUE to do what we do, and you keep bawin' and we will CONTINUE to get that tingly feeling. Okay to point out a few thiings. 1) not one of our members cares about infra or tech or their population, if they did they'd be in another alliance. Fact, because we won't let you in otherwise. 2) if our members leave it's because of the lack of tears. Also a fact. <ooc>3) We are a thriving and established community that exists elsewhere. Member nation vanishing
  8. I'm not even going to lie; Timberland wins the ******. the rest of you can go home now.
  9. I always enjoy the Ol'. "you couldn't do this but so and so took care of them easy yatta yatta arguments." Neckbeards at goons didn't give two cents about Kaskus. Hell, I don't think I even logged in other to collect and pay during that time. Won't matter, I'll take your reps all the same in the end, I don't much care who they come from.
  10. [quote name='Rotavele' timestamp='1340561879' post='2994611'] So the guys declaring on me didnt launch any attacks rather than GAs, my CMs were going for 40 infra because they failed to buy any military improvements, They didnt buy any air craft so that was 80 total infra. x3 D: Not only did they lack a stagger, they lacked any improvements or anything. I sent them a war guide as a concerned citizen Still Sardonic. [/quote] One dude blew a stagger and I'm not even sure who this guy is. (-but that kind of is the goons way! Blame SirWilliam for taking away meatspin and lemonparty?)
  11. I discover this thread 8 days after it started and was excited that someone declared, then I realized it was only Kaskus and went back to semi-afk sledding. :smith: I think Timberland can handle their whole alliance. so... ...nothing to see here folks, move along.
  12. [quote name='Methrage' timestamp='1327710282' post='2908521'] RUKUNU just has persistence going for him, rather than actually causing you guys any real damage with his rogue actions. I'm pretty sure my wars with GOONS left a deeper impression imprinted into the minds of many more GOONS with how I went about it than hizzy, although if you guys think hizzy is one of the great rogues to hit GOONS who are memorable, then maybe he is doing good. Although I still have/had GOONS obsessing over me long after our war ended and still see my name brought up as a memorable rogue when more recent rogues h
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