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Official UINE response to the little TeamColtra issue...


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Greetings Citizens of Bob,

As you all know, TeamCOltra tried to pull a little something on UINE and myself... *sigh*, first of all let us make a few things clear:

1- I am still emperor of UINE

2- Noone IN UINE actually supports this, neither do any of our allies or any other outside party (if anyone does please come out and Im sure we can fix everything the Keve way with dialogue, shaking hands and being friends)

3- The logs were faked he actually gave TOP the faked logs a few days ago and we actually discussed the situation, things are well understood on both sides.

4- Until further proof is provided, UINE doesnt link this to anyone but TC, this includes Veronica and her alliance Echelon. UINE stands by its agreement with Echelon on this matter

Ok now on to TeamColtra; TeamColtra was dissatisfied with UINE and has been telling me he wished to leave for some time. Hes been openly rebellious and frankly the only reason I let him remain in UINE was because he wanted a place to stay until he could found his new alliance. Obviously, he abused of my hospitality and that wasn't very nice. TeamColtra has run to peace mode showing he had about as much support as I though he had....

Ill be editing this statement as new evidence comes to light and decisions are made... Ill also be answering all questions here.

Hopefully, we can get this cleared up and over with shortly... This has been slanderous of UINEs good name and of my own. Thank you for your consideration and please, although this most likely has, dont let this affect your opinion of UINE too much, generally we tend to be a good bunch of chaps ;)

Also, I wont be log dumping here as I have never played this game and never will, logs are easily faked as we all know and I firmly believe that actions speak much loader....

Yours truly

Keve69, STILL Emperor of UINE

P.S: Thanks for the drama TeamColtra that was fun though uneccessary Planet Bob has more important things to do right now than worry about little UINE members and their power grabs XD


Ive discussed the situation with TeamColtra, he has admitted that what he did was wrong, he will edit his statements on the OWF to reflect his change of heart. I am not one to holde grudges, and I do believe we can all make mistakes. TeamColtra will be allowed to leave peace mode and UINE/Allies will not pursue any hostile actions against his nation. I believe that the damage suffered to his reputation has been MORE than enough and destroying his pixels neither excites me nor would bring me great joy.

Thanks to all for their support in this

Edit 1: Added a flag to look official *shrugs*

Edit 2: Added an end to the dispute

Edited by Keve69
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I still support you Keve. Don't worry. :P

Only people I really saw supporting the "other side" openly were teamcoltra and some guy from an alliance who let in a member who pissed off Sparta and refused to pay TOOL back for bailing him out of $81M in reps to the same. :lol1:

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