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  1. What about nations who bought tech from nations in good faith, only for those nations that sold the tech to be deleted for being a multi. How does one know if the nation selling you the tech is a multi? Why should the buyer acting in good faith be the one penalized?
  2. Obama's proposal was all fluff and puff. If he gave a damn about gun control, he would not have moved his presser from Thursday to Monday this week I(His Pressers are on Thursday). This is pure lip service to those on the left. Is he going to get his Assault Weapons ban? No. Is he going to get his Maximum Magazine Limits? Negative. He MAY get his Armor Piercing Bullet restriction. He SHOULD get everything else, including the arming of teachers, more cops, and his Metal Health package. It is that Mental Health package that will do far more to eliminate future Aurora's and Newtown's than any gun control bill would. The reality is he is not going to go out of his way this year on guns with the economy tanking and immigration reform being screamed at him. Let's be real: Only those wishing to pimp the dead children of Newtown are going to go crazy over getting this passed (The usual pimps like McCarthy, Brady, Bloomberg and Mennino.). Obama? Certainly won't.
  3. Hey Ray hows it hanging :)

  4. I have a feeling that the Cup of Nations is done?

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