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Any good Alliance out there?


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Thanks for the Insight Guys. I'm going to look at the CN Pile charts to see who is largest in nation number and NS.


the MHA looks good I'm checking them out sense they are very large and I know them all ready

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The eagle. Bold and mighty, of the skies, he cares not for the petty squabbles that lie far below him. He needs not a host of other eagles to surround him, he is a proud beast who can care for himself, yet he will not allow his kin to suffer needlessly. He does not choose a path of mindless aggression, striking carelessly, but rather he chooses to exercise great wisdom and keen patience. He waits and he watches with great care and strikes only when, and if, the time is right. Not a glimmer of frailty or weakness appears across his majestic brow, even when under great threat. This is the eagle.

The Legion, bold and mighty, was birthed from necessity into a world full of potential aggression, anger and hate. Yet, like the eagle, The Legion learned to soar. In a world filled with powerful alliances, The Legion appeared and made its mark. Endorsing peace, it looked not for war with its brothers, but unity. However, as the eagle defends its kin, so did the Legion vow to defend its members.

if that is what your kind of alliance you looking for, Join The Legion


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Many people think there is safety in numbers, which is true sometimes. However, there are safety in the quality of members rather than quantity. DOOM has survived 3 years of insane and often illogical CN politics, including many destructive inter-alliance wars.

Link for more info to DOOM (copy-and-paste blasting is never a good idea): http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=74577

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