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Failure DoW

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Hey all, Systemfailure here to speak to you all about one of the greatest threats facing Planet Bob and it dosen't end with "Order".While we as a community have been busy breaking the backs and legs of the evil dictators with our War on Karma (thats what we called it right? No? damn...) we have missed the greatest threat.

Grey People

While these dumb $@! greys wander around contaminating our air with their neutrality and plesent hellos they continue to mock us and plot our demise.

So what can you, a humble nation, do to prevent CN from becoming a giant hippie-love-in-mud-puddle-Pot smoking-acid wash jean wearing-commune?

What can you do to prevent a drum circle starting that will envelop all of Bob, to stop the Grey Menence?

Well Nuke the SoB's was my first anwser, however more needs to be done to stop them...we need to kill the greys...not just allied Grey's but all of them. Their lack of Senators and trade bonuses mean death for each and every one of us. How long will it be before our trade circes become infested with grey matter? When Lumber coal and all other resources are taken over by a cold evil presence the like of which we have never seen before.

I come before you as one man pressed into Anarchy by the evil forces of Grey Council, sure it may look like i attacked them and launched the first nukes but we all know facts and "evidence" have no place here, wild speculation rules and hearsay and conjecture are all that we can trust. Logs can be doctored but poorly blurred screenshots with incorrect dates and times are really what we desire.

so i ask of you all, help me help you.....help me kill the Grey Council.

Thank you for your time

tl:dr its Archers fault Grey Sphere are terrorists and we should all throw rocks at them untill they join a real colour or die...either way

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Triple posts are fun because everyone is busy declaring war

"What makes a good man go neutral? Lust for gold? Power? Or were you just born with a heart full of neutrality?"

"I hate these filthy neutrals, Kif. With enemies you know where they stand but with neutrals, who knows? It ... sickens me."

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Looking at your war screen, you are verily doinitwrong, good sir.

Am i? or have i found a new way of doing it rite?

also 6 on 1 :P it took em long enough but you cant trust the neturals to stop with me.

Im sure all EPIC's look alike to them, how long before its you, or you...or you

*me points to you

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